Tuesday, January 30, 2007

It has been years !!

Well well . I went to Starbucks today to get a Frappucino Ice Blended Mocha for me and my sister .

When I was ordering , I got a shocked . Someone shouted my name !!

Damn . I looked up at the guy serving me and my mind raced through my memory to recall who that was !

Thankfully , he had a name tag on his apron and it was Balraj Singh !!

Wow . It has been years since I met him :)

Haha . If I'm not wrong , I have not met him since primary school . Yeah . Good to see you once again mate .

Hmm . Anyway , if any of you realise , I decided to put a blog counter in A Piece of My Mind .

Just to see how many hits I get . Haha . And seriously , I do not visit my own blog to read my own stuff . So I guess it might be my friends from the blogging world , or really my contacts :)

Well well .
Dr Mahathir seems silent these days . Jimmy asked me what happened . Haha . I myself wondered why Tun decided to cool off a bit .

But I definitely know TDM is busy with his conference coming up on 5th to 7th February :)

So guys . Trust me . You and I , we are all learned people . We are intelligent folks with the internet , encyclopedias and books . It is a borderless world and we know the effects of war .

I repeat my stand . If Saddam was responsible for the deaths of the many Iraqis , the same goes for the liars who created a comedy of WMDs and attack Iraq .

The attack against Iraq was not in the faith of United Nations spirit and agreement . The 'nice and lovely' Allies went on their own for ..... taaadaaa ... WORLD PEACE ?!?!??!?!!

Yeah right . World peace .

WMDs = No Peace for the world
No WMDS = No Peace for the world

Huh ??! So the equation does not hold . Ahuh . Ok thats crap . But the point is ... LETS CRIMINALISE WAR !!!

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Anonymous said...

lol i don think TDM will be so agressive after his heart attack recently ...