Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The End of Days ... coming soon :(

I read The Star two days back . 10 years to determine our future with the lovely greenhouse gases in our lifes .

Wow . Dearest Mr Bush . Kyoto Protocol ??

Hmm . I wonder if war and those weapons and deadly toys the superpowers use will emit those gases that cause global warming .

Probably they do . So lets criminalise those as well . I mean come on . What is the problem of living just like it is ??!

We eat , we sleep , we work , we smile , we hug , we have a family and we are in peace . Then we live happily ever after for eternity !

Damn . And some people wants to have nuclear weapons , atom bombs , supersonic jet fighters , missile launchers etc .

Sigh . Bye bye Earth . 10 years . It will take 2-3 years for some great voice of the world to say something .

It will take another year for the whole world of a few hundred countries to say 'YES WE HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THIS AND WE HAVE APPROX. 6 YEARS LEFT BEFORE WE ALL BURN' !!

Ahuh . Then it will take someone to go to UN to table it . After that they will all go for some lunch , dinner , gala , and nice posh hotel ... and some champagne .

Then it will probably take another year for the 5 Heavenly King of Vetoes to do something . Ahuh ... how many years were those ?

Never mind . Don't count . Just enjoy your life now , eat and sleep properly , listen to Datuk Chua Soi Lek's advice on health , do regular check ups .

Enjoy while you can . 10 years . Definitely too short . Sigh . Let us all pray that the scientists' researches will not be what we Malaysians call 'white elephant' .

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