Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Back From Holidays

Well well . Went to Cameron on Wednesday ... stayed a night and got back on Thursday . That was a nice trip with my family . Went there to have some tea , some nice cool air (it is so warm these days huh) and had some good meals .

Had some rest for a day and on Saturday , rushed down to KL , went up to Genting Highlands for a day trip on Sunday and got back home on Monday .

Well well , no details of my trip (private and confidential) . Haha .

Hmm . I registered and might be attending the War Crimes forum by Dr Mahathir in the first week of February at PWTC .

These days I have been doing lots of thinking .

War is bad . There are no WMDs in Iraq . We should give Mr Bush and his gang a trial . A trial probably at the ICJ , International Court of Justice . Should be in Hague if I'm not mistaken .

If Saddam was responsible for so many deaths and was punished , then so should the conspirators of the War On Iraq .

The video of Saddam's execution was shocking .

I praise Saddam's bravery . His question that states "Is this the bravery of Arabs?" was well asked . May you rest in peace President Saddam .

No matter how much the people of the Sunni government hate Saddam , they should not shout abusive remarks when that man is about to be hanged .

This is injustice and shameful I believe . But then some people might argue that Saddam was the one who killed their family members and the weight of sufferings all these while were all released at once when Saddam was executed .

It all depends on which School of Thought you are from .

Haha . That was what my veterinary doctor told me when I asked him the arguments for putting a dog to sleep , whether it is justified or not .

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