Sunday, August 01, 2010

PKFZ - Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik (1)

When news broke out that Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik was charged in Court, one thing crossed my mind right away.

Why did the AGC (Attorney General Chamber) spend time on the least expected to be charged, Tun Dr Ling, in the PKFZ case when the Government has a bigger headache - the legal obligations to continue paying the turnkey developer?

Facts that the Government of Malaysia and the Attorney General must know are:

  1. Till date, the PKFZ project incurred a cost of approximately RM 7.453 billion, with the total cost estimated at RM 12 billion by 2051 if no efforts are done to make the project a success.

  2. KDSB alone has been paid approximately RM 1.9 billion thus far. (I stand corrected)

  3. The original cost quoted in 2001 was RM 1.957 billion.

Why not use the time to find laws to halt the payments and bring the support letter writer, Tan Sri Chan Kong Choy, and the turnkey developer to Court instead for their right to be heard ?

Both their whereabouts are unknown and one is still the BNBBC Chairman. Why, if I may ask?

Some in BN and the Opposition are saying that this lawsuit shows MCA is not indispensable and MCA is irrelevant already.

Just by putting a Tun from MCA in Court is not enough to show that MCA is no longer a force in BN.

Who in Barisan Nasional dares to take the risk and suggest during the BN Supreme Council meeting that MCA and Gerakan can get the hell out of the coalition? Who in the Opposition dare to say that MCA and Gerakan leaving BN won't help boost their election chances?

Let this not be an excuse to be used by fellow BN members that MCA can be arm twisted and bullied into all sorts.

Neither should the members of the Opposition or the public speculate that it is Tun Dr Ling's fault entirely over this PKFZ issue, if any.

It might be true that MCA is irrelevant and will sink IF they continue to adopt the China-men mentality (we shall discuss this some other day) but it is untrue if we relate it to this lawsuit.

The former Transport Minister, Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat, had once stressed that MCA has never been involved in PKFZ. Read more HERE.

I believe Tee Keat's words carry weight and is credible since he is a respected figure among Malaysians, even from the Opposition.



Anonymous said...

ayoyo, stupid goh wei liang...MCA not involves in PKFZ ????..... then samy vellu never cheats the indians of Maika share!!

Ong Takut

Anonymous said...

Congratulation's to Omar Goh Wei Liang (pic above) as the unemployed Mahathirphile was voted by readers of this Blog as the Greatest BN Spinmaster. Omar Goh Wei Liang, the 'Editor' of A PIECE OF MY MIND (APOMM), also known as the 'Little Pup' got 74% of the votes beating even the likes of AIDC, Parpukari and Unspinners. Even the foul mouthed coward Chinaman from Penang, Justice4OTK could only muster 21% of the votes.

Let's hope that all these votes will translate to a job for the poor unemployed 'Little Pup'. Who knows, he might be the next Low Taek Jho.

Read more here

Anonymous said...

In barely 24-hours, MCA has backed down on its call for the federal government to rescind its ban on the use of the term 'Allah' by non-Muslims, following a reprimand by acting Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

UMNO wags its tail and the the running dogs of MCA bends down to smell the south end of the north bound top dog of BN. Why don't you just come out and admit you are scared of UMNO or the fact that you might lose your precious and lucrative ministerial positions? No frigging integrity. The scorn and shame of the Chinese people in Malaysia. Your compatriot dogs in Gerakan at least know how to shut their gap and crawl into a corner and hide on this issue. All the Chinese people in the country will spit on your ancestors' graves for what you have become.

MCA dont ever say you represent the Malaysian Chinese, it stinks, its you MCA dont have balls, sell off the Chinese to fill your stinking pockets.... MCA pls get lost, Malaysia Chinese wont miss u.

Paul Cheong