Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DAP irrelevant in Pakatan Rakyat

During the peak of the Sports Betting License issue, the Opposition leaders were the most vocal ones against gambling. The justified their opposition to the issuing of the license by outlining the negative implications that comes along with it.

Nothing was mentioned about the positive implications. The intellectuals in DAP and PKR disappoint me.

Then, PAS scholars made headlines when they said they will call end gambling outlets in Pakatan led states - PAS wants end to gaming premises permit (the same shout-out-loud-for-nothing they did in year 2008).

Till today, may I ask, what has been done ? Did Pakatan Rakyat ban the number forecast outlets in Kedah, Penang, Selangor and Kelantan ?

After claiming that betting and gambling will only bring bad effects to the society and after the fiery speeches, everything is business as usual.

Habis cerita. Pakatan Rakyat oh Pakatan Rakyat. Politics First, Putrajaya Now.

So, sports gambling is bad, gambling is bad and must oppose the efforts of BN. But Pakatan Rakyat will continue to issue number forecast outlet permits even though they can ban them?

What sort of justifications by DAP and Pakatan Rakyat, I don't know. I see only contradiction by a bunch of hypocrites.

Also, the Ministry of Finance should reconsider this issue. The file should not be closed just like that. The longer we wait, the longer will be our efforts to eradicate gambling habits or provide social services and advices to gambling addicts.

Just awhile ago, Tony Pua made a call for the abortion of the Bumiputera discount on luxury property sales. This of course rang a lot of bells and made many politicians sit straight up from their half asleep positions.

In what I call an immediate response, PAS Selangor has called for a careful review of this matter which in laymen's words will probably mean "forget it and don't bring it up anymore".

Khalid Ibrahim then stressed that it will only be for properties worth RM 500,000 and above. I wonder if Khalid has the political will to do it, given his weak position.

If we can recall the year 2008-2009, in Kedah, PAS increased the Bumiputera ownership quota for any property development projects from the standard 30% to 50% (no idea what their policies are at the moment)

And during that time, Malaysia was among those affected by the economic crisis. Dr Zambry (the legitimate Perak MB) knew he had to introduce people friendly and investor friendly policies. As a result, this is what Dr Zambry relaxed the Bumiputera land quota.

DAP looks more like what they used to criticise MCA to be - a barking dog with no bite.

Dulu bukan main hebat kutuk MCA sedangkan MCA mengamalkan semangat berpasukan bersama-sama dengan UMNO, MIC dan Gerakan.

MCA stands firm that they work closely with UMNO, MIC, Gerakan and other component parties in BN together instead of barking pointlessly and act like heroes with no brains.

Time for DAP to live up to their billing as a principled and just party? The marriage of the three parties seem like a nightmare after all. All 3 different ideologies living under one roof will only mean that a divorce is on the papers soon/someday.


vinnan said...

You people never figured on a Chinaman who would say no to gambling right? Lim Guan Eng got the anti-football gambling movement going and you clowns just can't stand it. Goes to show how stupidly racist your UMNO brain is when it comes to the Chinese community. Issuing a gambling licence with its operations restricted to non-Muslim majority areas so that you people can look Islamic while squeezing the Chinese for money to be used against the opposition come the next general election. The opposition knows they can never completely cut off the gambling funds that go to UMNO but the movement to reduce as much as possible the gambling revenue UMNO can get their hands on have already started and is sprteading rapidly. The IPPs and toll highways are two other more prominent sources of UMNO election campaign funds. We shall start with the gambling industry first for unlike the Toll Highways and IPPs there are many alternatives to UMNO's gambling companies.

We know the oil is gone. Badawi sold the last two big blocks to Brunei. FDIs are dead. The locals are bailing out of Malaysia with Robert Kuok being the most recent example. However, UMNO thought it had a silver bullet to all its economic woes in the football gambling licence in order to quench its thirst for ever more projects and campaign funds. Even if UMNO can take back all the state governments and win 90% of the parliamentary seats in the next GE we will still work on depriving UMNO of the ability to slap us around as you like and wait for the day the greedy UMNO warlords cause UMNO's implosion with their greed and corruption. Greed and corruption as we all know have no boundaries.

Anonymous said...

The late Tengku Abdul Rahman once asked his economic advisor how to take Chinese money.

He was told to open up a casino!


Anonymous said...


If you care toreseacrh, the FDI for the first quarter of 2010 is more than the FDI in 2009 as a whole year.Read the MITI report you smartass.

2009 was bad year due to the financial crisis caused by the sub prime mortgage in the US, Thanks to bad loans, the circulation of credit halted and companies cannor borrow money to invest..simple!!!! So we get less FDI than indonesia or cambodia now and then!! So what!! We already have MNC well established here and we are still a gem in SEA..a stable country..even Singapore os flooded..three times in a month. MEMC for example has just opened a factory in Ipoh and Kuching and Malaysia will be their biggets manufacturinh base in the world by transferring all their manufacturing base in the US to Malaysia.