Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hanky Panky Selangor Government

At first, we had the scandal of Elizabeth Wong. When the photos popped up in the internet, Pakatan Rakyat leaders were quick to point their fingers at Barisan Nasional.

However, as the truth began to unfold that Hilmi Malek was at that time an aide to a PKR MP, PKR leaders began to sing the same tune - leave Elizabeth alone and let us not talk about it anymore.

Tian Chua went a step further though when Agendadaily posed a question to Tian Chua about his relationship with Eli.

He scoffed at Agendadaily's reporter and said "If you ask me again, I smash your head".

Then, we had A Thiruvenggadam who claimed that Alam Flora contracts are divided by percentage among the 3 political parties in PKR.

Well, these were later rebutted by the Selangor State Government as false allegations and A Thiruvenggadam was subsequently dropped from being a MPPJ Councillor.

Of course, next we had Teoh Beng Hock's mysterious death. Pakatan Rakyat leaders were quick to politicize it and linked up with Teoh's family.

At the peak of the hoo-haa over TBH's mysterious death, one man came up to say something. This came from YB Wee Choo Keong - a PKR MP at that time.

YB Wee Choo Keong mentioned about an open secret where a Selangor EXCO misused his/her office for underground business activities two weeks ago.

[ Article : Teoh's death mystery ]

Recently YB Wee left Pakatan Rakyat - the coalition which promised a Sept 16 Federal Government and A New Dawn.

Before he left, he wrote a blog article - YB Ronnie Liew knew about the sand mining scandal in February 2010!

It came hot with the allegation by PKR MP of Kapar on the Selangor sand mining scandal in the State owned Kumpulan Semesta Berhad - only to be "rewarded" with red paint splashed at his cars and death threats.

Many questions go unanswered in Selangor.
  • Why is Selangor DAP so quiet when they are the loudest proponents of competency, accountability and transparency ?

  • Should there be a Royal Commission Inquiry formed to investigate this and if so, why didn't Kit Siang propose it as he always will when it involves BN ?

  • Will the national Disciplinary Board of DAP haul up Ronnie Liu for questioning ?

  • What happened to the Selcat Inquiry by Speaker Teng Chang Khim and Azmin Ali not so long ago ? No results ?

  • What will be the outcome if there will be an internal party investigation ?

  • Why wait for MACC when Selangor Menteri Besar and his State Exco Members know what is happening in Selangor unless they are sleeping on the job ?

  • What are the comments of Selangor State Economic Advisor ?

For now, I will stick to a rumored story that Selangor PKR Government's mess is due to the political tussle between factions in PKR while DAP ... (you fill in the blanks) ...

And I think young leaders like YB Hannah Yeoh should be more pro active in learning about their State Government leadership before going out to preach the holier than thou concept.

Time for Khalid Ibrahim and the Selangor State Government leaders to resign.


Pemerhati said...

It looks like being smart, DAP will keep very quiet and let PKR settle the fiasco themselve.

life is not a fairy tale dude said...

Selcat is the biggest farce. What is so great about defending your cronies?

Ketuanan Melayu

Anonymous said...

Good posting. Keep it up!


Anonymous said...

This sort of factual news will make you a 'demon' by the ruckus bearers.

The so called justice fighters are themselves helping the new cronies.

Nonetheless, these saints will never ever admit fault, deliberate or otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Rumors! allegations!
Filling in blanks!

This video is clear cut!


Why don't you comment on that you BN Cyber goon!

Common! I am waiting!

CommonerNinetyNine said...

it doesn't look like a coincidence that many pkr leaders are leaving the party, and its bed fellows are mumbling about leaving the coalition.

why? i would think that from the court drama development of that de facto pkr leader, many, including his own gang have to execute their plan b because it seems that pkr leader may not be able to escape his drilling deeds soon.

plus, everyone in the 'marriage', especially dap, already gain impossible gifts like 2 states, and other runners got themselves each a yb title, what is more to expect? they may even self-satisfied and not asking for more for their current political status.

so, leaving and 'divorce' is just a surviving thing to do. live and die together? don't dream.

Anonymous said...

hannah yeoh uses her pretty face to get votes. she can't lead, administer or deliver...
she is just a kid..