Sunday, May 02, 2010

MCA & Perkasa

I didn't want to say much about MCA & Perkasa but due to demands at my Facebook page and my blog, here it is.

I was wrong when I turned sour grapes after BN lost at Bukit Gantang but I realized that if a certain cluster of the population is not voting us, we must see why and how we can improve on it.

Turning our backs to them will only make things worse.

I believe UMNO Youth, Dr Chua Soi Lek and Datuk Ti Lian Ker were right in criticizing Ibrahim Ali's suggestion to cut spending to the Chinese community in Hulu Selangor and I share their views.

But one cannot deny the facts and the truth of Ibrahim Ali's response to Dr Chua.

The words were so true that I don't see any MCA leader comment further on this matter at all except to say that Ibrahim Ali is looking for publicity. A cornered argument I must say.

Datuk Ibrahim Ali's haunting words were

"Whether Perkasa exists or not, the results would have been the same. The Chinese voters have rejected MCA even before Perkasa was formed."

MCA is really in an awkward position. He has a point, you know ?

These days, everyone keeps focusing on what UMNO leaders and Perkasa's struggles are. Naturally and evidently, these two organizations champion the causes of the majority - the Malays - in Malaysia.

Every word UMNO and Perkasa's leaders utter, it will be classified as uncomfortable to the Chinese and Indians.

May I ask, what MCA's struggles or objectives are if not for the Chinese ?

Week in week out, we have the Chinese NGOs collaborating and discussing with MCA on various Chinese issues - commerce, education and welfare.

And what gives MCA the rights to talk about Chinese community matters but not Perkasa on Malay related issues ?

As far as I know, Ong Tee Keat was the only one in MCA talking about the interests of not just the Chinese but Malaysians as a whole.

He wanted to change the way we think in MCA and the way we function though he could not proceed now.

If you ask me, from my observations, MCA leaders aren't clear at all where they are heading politically.

"Chinese Extremism in MCA" is probably my next article.


katdog said...

Here's one of MCA's struggle. To get the government to recognize the UEC.

On one hand, UMNO is saying having multiple types of schools is what is polarizing the Malaysian society. Dr. M blames the chinese for wanting to maintain their own schools as the root cause of the lack of national unity.

But on the other hand, MCA is fighting for the government to recognize chinese examinations certs, thus further encouraging the chinese to maintain entirely separate education systems of their own.

How's that for nation building?

It's shocking that nowadays, i have met several young Chinese Malaysians who can barely read and understand Malay. Its seems to me that the Chinese don't care about the nation at all. They seem to be interested in carving their own little mini society in Malaysia.

I'd be really interested to hear what NATIONAL policies MCA are actually actively working on. (cause so far i see absolutely none)

Rahman,Ahchong,Muniandy said...

Malays Are The Largest Tax Payer In Malaysia

40% of government's monies come from Petronas and only roughly 30% monies come from individual/companies (source: Please remember that most companies that pay taxes are GLCs.

Individual tax payers also include government servant (majority Malay).

GLCs and government servants cannot runaway from tax. So, who can? and who love to claim they are the largest tax payer when they are not?

Anonymous said...

Make it clear Rahman, Petronas is a GLC but where they get the money? Oil from Sabah & Sarawak too. Does that mean Sabahan and Sarawakians are the biggest tax payer? If you're calculating tax by race, you don't include companies in it. One more thing, let's not forget that private sector are out there. The problem remain unclear for me is whether the private sector is bigger than the GLC? Please clarify that.

The point that you don't understand about economic is, will the rich spend more money or the poor spend more? Rich people tend to spend more because they can afford to do so. Poor people spend lesser because they don't have enough money. One more thing that you misunderstood, rich people pay more tax than poor people due to the higher percentage. Tell me how much a government servant earns compare to a person who works in the private sector? If you actually count properly, you'll find that worker in the private sector earn more than them. Thus, higher salary means higher tax.

So, when you're calculating who pay more for tax, you don't compare the majority of the race but the majority who are richer because rich people pay more.

Anonymous said...

hidup ibrahim ali!

katdog said...

Nice piece in Utusan Melayu:
"Orang Cina Malaysia, apa lagi yang anda mahu?"

MCA should answer this question. Honestly, what is MCA fighting for? From the point of view of BN, there really is nothing left to fight for. The Chinese already has everything they need provided for by UMNO-BN. So what is MCA doing in the government? What else does MCA need to fight for? What has MCA been fighting for, for the past 20 years when the chinese already has everything?

katdog said...

Actually Rahman.AC.M is partly correct.

Only about 20% of our taxes collected come from individual income tax. The remainder comes from corporate taxes, sales taxes etc.

However, 90% of individual income tax is paid by non-Malays. This information is not from some nobody but came from the lips of Dr. Mahathir. So if you want to refute the percentage, then you should seek clarification from Dr. M.

Therefore, technically it is true. Non Malays do NOT contribute 90% of taxes. But likewise, neither do the Malays.

Remember, GLC's are not to be considered as Malay companies and therefore any revenue from these companies are ...erm racially neutral? If, GLC's are calculated as Malay companies, then Malay equity shareholding today would be above 40% already and has already surpassed the NEP target.

The BN government has rightly pointed out that GLC's are NOT Malay companies and as such, Malay equity still stands at below 20%, far below the NEP targets.

Anonymous said...

Good to note that you do take attention with public perception. MCA has long been seen as weak and yes-men to BN and UMNO. People were afraid of change and May 13 haunted the minds of the older generation, and all the Chinese wanted was a stability to live and easy-to-bribe officials. Though you must be joking to say there are chinese extremists in MCA. It's racial party where Chinese are allowed to join ONLY. Joining it and claiming racial equality is absurd and lip-service. Want to show equality? Abolish race-based parties then talk about it. MCA will always fight for the Chinese because they consist of Chinese only, how can you blame them?

PERKASA is fanning as much hatred as it could, and that is detrimental to Najib's policy from 1Malaysia to 1MALAYsia. How can you expect to gain non-malay support with such harsh words? To be treated as a 2nd class citizen and be 'grateful' to Malay 'sacrifices' is not something that will garner support. Ibrahim Ali is xenophobic too the extent that merit and hardwork has no place in a competitive world. I'm not surprised that one day, we will be sending maids and cheap labour to our neighbours Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos... etc.

Rakus seorang bujang said...

mayday mayday!

Anonymous said...

Are the 58,000 Malays and non-Chinese studying in the SRJK Cina polarising the Malaysian societies as well?

ktteokt said...

Whereas NAJIS is trying to be the CONSTRUCTOR, this Ibrahim Ali is trying to be the DESTRUCTOR!