Tuesday, May 11, 2010

To Hell With MarGeeMar

I believe my blog readers and followers all have interests in politics. Allow me to point to you why Barisan Nasional folks are way better than Pakatan Rakyat.

From my writing thus far, I write based on hypothesis, facts and reasoning. Compare it with this blog, I let you judge - http://margeemar.blogspot.com

I have no idea why but this blog's writers have constantly been attacking me personally and politically.

I am fine with having differences politically but to discredit me or bring my family members into the scene clearly reflects the level of civilization in Pakatan Rakyat supporters camp.

Since I am pro Barisan Nasional, lately I have been subjected to intense efforts by pro Opposition netizens behind veils of anonymity
  • to counter me on Facebook
  • attack me at my blog
  • impersonate me or sign off with my name when commenting at blogs

I wish to clarify that whenever I write any comments, it won't be an anonymous comment but it will be under a Google/Blogger account name : Goh Wei Liang.

If clarifications are needed for any comments made online at other social networking sites or blogs, I can be reached at my email. All clarifications will be replied promptly.

Hiding behind veils of anonymity make you no warrior, leader or true politician. Only cowards and dirt-coated folks do that.

Attacking my family members is far worst than being cowards. It is the act of fools which also reflect the level of maturity and professionalism of the blog.

I can say that MarGeeMar has crossed the line. To hell with MarGeeMar.

(No information will be released on career placement/employer/family at the moment to protect the image, interests and privacy of all parties)


yat said...

that shows the mentality of PR supporter, they shouting about freedom of speech, but when it difference from their views, they will blame u, difference of opinion my ass!!! ur family and ur ancestor too..name calling x payah cakap la...

skh said...


From his blog writings, we know this dog margeemar has no substance. So dont worry about it. margeemar has no class and nothing worth to compare. It is just a dog, barking.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry and bother things that they say to you. Just held your head high. They just couldn't accept that there are some Chinese has dissimilar opinion with them. That shows the mentality of PR supporters are really sick and full with rhetorical and perception worshiper. Fact is only an option to them.

By the way, BN under Najib now really emphasize on human development and he really want to move this country to new level with his 1Malaysia and NEM for the better future.

I know many academician and good government servant has been called to be government advisors/officers right now where performance has been a priority objective. I know few of them. This move, I believe will produce a good result as planning and management done by those who are really understand it.

Furthermore, our economy is steadily improve by 10% in this 2nd Q before the NEM being implemented.

I'm very optimistic with Najib ways of handling the economic and the government. He believe in human capacity building and result.


vinnan said...

When you play politics on the net there is no Police, Perkasa, MACC to protect you. So your family is under attack. What do you think the government is doing to the family of those under ISA detention. The special branch takes photos of the detainees wife talking to another man sent by the special branch and then show the photos to the detainee as proof of the wife's infidelity so as to break the will of the detainee. Stop crying like a baby and grow up. You BN idiots are hopeless. The opposition are no angels but neither do they have the power of the ISA, Sedition Act and so on backing them up. At least when the opposition claim persecution we know at least some of it is real. Who would dare to persecute a UMNO-government backed running dog like you?

Stop crying like a baby and grow up.

TheObserver said...

what do u expect from the Opposition fans club? they're having the minds of 13 years ole that didn't even reach puberty lah bro! that's why they act like that. So let them rot in pieces and to Hell with him. Don't bother, it's just a waste of time. Better use your time to write good posts.

p/s: can i put your blog in my blogroll ? do let me know bro!

Anonymous said...

Dear GWL,

Just forget about this guy and you should understand their behoviour ,anyone against them will get cursed. I have seen few PR bloggers who have their own blog but yet to post their comments in other people blog. I don't denied their rights to post comments but for me if you have established you own blog and you have space to express your ideas.Why you need others blog to promote yourself .(i.e dontplaypuk ,wenger j khairy)

Keep writing and we will continue to support you


Wenger J Khairy said...

Well, if you openly support Dr. Mahathir, I'd say a lot of people will find it very uncomfortable. After all Dr. Mahahtir is the same one who is well known for attacking not only wives, husbands, children even the pets of those who oppose him.

Anonymous said...

Wenger JK is just another cry baby. Coz his good time with ABB-KJ already end. He just like Kali Riong aka Datuk Kali that have using Malaysian Insider to bash and discredit DS Najib. During their golden age. Datuk Kali got contract amounted of 900million for tax system database and many more.

Ofcourse, Mahathir sacked/discredit many of his former allies:-

Anwar - Sodomized - Karpal also talked his misconduct in the parliament B4 Anwar got sack. This kind of act are not accepted by our law even if it consensual.

Musa Hitam - Its a power struggle. Musa hitam still doing well what right now as former Suhakam chief and Sime Darby Chairman

Kuli - Power struggle also. At the end Mahathir accepted him back to UMNO

Pak Lah - puppet leader - controlled by his cronies especially by his son in law. Mahathir need to bring him down.

Dont listen to vinnan. He just another PR ass licker. What ever he read on Malaysiakini will be ate by him without ever thinking rationally and fact.