Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Tun" for Hassan Marican

I hope to see due recognition given to Tan Sri Hassan Marican for his contributions to Petronas and Malaysia as a whole.

Malaysians owe him a great deal. Without his business acumen, his vision and his dedication, Petronas might have fumbled.

Many have misunderstood and threw misleading arguments that anyone could have done the same. I beg to differ. Petronas' operations were mainly focused on Malaysian shores resources - East and West Malaysia - in the initial stages.

Tan Sri Hassan Marican transformed Petronas rapidly into a global company with oil explorations and business joint ventures with overseas partners.

Approximately 49% of Petronas revenue today come from overseas operations under Tan Sri Hassan Marican's leadership. This should be seen as a standard to be matched by the incoming Petronas Chairman and CEO Datuk Shamsul Azhar Abbas.

Not everyone could do the same and one reader highlighted a valid point. Compare Petronas to Pertamina and you will see the differences.

All these while, Malaysians depended on subsidies, grants, soft loans, and all sorts of Government intervention in the economy for the people's welfare. The funds mainly were from Petroliam Nasional Berhad.

Any slight removal or reduction of these Federal assistance, the lives of many Malaysians would be totally different today.

Just throughout the last 6 years, Petronas contributed a total of RM 276.8 billion to the Malaysian Government which was subsequently used for the Federal Government's budget and policies.

I believe Tan Sri Hassan Marican deserves the title "Tun".

(Credits to Bernama for the pictures)


Anonymous said...

And now Kelantan is demanding a ransom from all the hard work done by Petronas? What if the Kelantan exploration failed? Would they share the losses?


ISAC said...

Salam Anon Wednesday, February 10, 2010 7:11:00 PM

Ha...ha.... nak tambah sikit, "and a smarter man" would claim others hardship for themself".

Halal-haram tolak belakang....

Y.Z Leong said...

Me too. Tan Sri Hassan deserves to be styled as Tun. His trademark, Misai Putih!

eddy said...

He would be a deserving Tun.

katdog said...

The real problem is, despite the success of Petronas, it doesn't seem to have helped Malaysia much.

What have we got to show after getting the billions from Petronas? Petronas Twin Towers? Sepang F1 circuit?

Despite the billions, our local doctors are paid dismal salaries and forced to work under poor working conditions. Our universities are all underperforming and many families are forced to pay tens of thousands of ringgit every year to pay for a decent education for their children. (of course there are those 'lucky' ones who get scholarships to foreign unis paid for using those petrol profits AND then never come back to Malaysia to contribute to the country). Our public transport is dismal. We can't even purchase enough trains for KL.

So how?What's so great about all those petrol money? The profits only profit the select few.

Anonymous said...

Up to now I still dont know why he was replaced?

Anonymous said...

>>Up to now I still dont know why he was replaced?

he went against the UMNO overlords.


Bey said...

Yes........... I absolutely agree with you, he should get Tunship......

anakbukitgantang said...

There were claims that Tan Sri Hassan Merican (TSHM) cross UMNO warloards

Truth is Tan Sr Hassan went against many who want to grab a share of Petronas money, inclusive of...yes Kelantan PAS government

TSHM may have many strenghts ...but his biggest mistake was to be chummy with one ex TPM.....that sealed his downfall

To many unlearned outside PETRONAS his style is corporate hard honcho, thus it is hard to be pleased with him...but to Petronas insiders he is their protector, especially so after Tun Dr Mahathir left

Many a friend who brokered deal Government to Government in foreign land lamented that after Tun stepped as PM, Petronas was left alone to broker tough business deal.

Many do not realise that without TSHM, these deal would have been futile.

Yes, TSHM deserves a TUN!