Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Proposal for MCA

Some time ago, I did approach MCA Infocom with a proposal to create an actively managed MCA Facebook Fan Page (official one).

It was purely simple, logical and practical which had been implemented by UMNO, MIC, Gerakan and BN as a whole for a long time. (just like the Opposition parties)

I doubt those involved or those who have heard my proposal will take it seriously (I might be wrong). I am skeptical. So I decided that I should go public via A PIECE OF MY MIND after such a long time.

I don't claim to have the best proposals and neither am I stuffing the proposals down the throat of the Department.

I just want the best for MCA and if I can see some youths coming together to do it for BN as a whole and some leaders doing it for UMNO, MIC and Gerakan, why can't the 2nd largest component Party called MCA do such things ?

I did receive some replies in our communication with the initial one saying that it would be considered but I would say it wasn't quite a reply. I wasn't happy with the replies to be honest.

At first when I penned this blog article down, I planned to tell all. In the end, I reasoned it out with myself that I am not on a witch hunt here but I want to see positive work being done.

Allow me to write publicly my proposal to MCA. Whoever wants to follow this up, do it please ! Whoever wants to attack me, feel free. I await the wonderful excuses which I don't like but I will accept logical reasoning.

MY PROPOSAL (just a brief version - some rebuttals edited due to confidentiality of Party matters)

  1. I wish to see a MCA Facebook Fan Page online just like UMNO and MIC where the Rakyat flock to these pages to share their thoughts, request for help and raise their grouses. Why?

  2. MCA should bridge the gap between Leaders and the Rakyat. We should be able to provide an avenue of communication for the people to share their opinions, input suggestions or bring matters to the attention of MCA elected reps and leaders across Malaysia.

  3. In other words, MCA should transform to be a service oriented political party (at least in our Online campaign). People First, Performance Now.

  4. This official Fan Page should have a major objective which is to encourage the people to come forward to raise grouses, share opinions and request for help or assistance in ONE CENTRALIZED PAGE.

  5. Some are not comfortable and find it inconvenient to go to the MCA Service Centres to seek help, raise grouses or share opinions. Some don't even know where to voice out or interact with MCA.

  6. The Facebook method which is free and centralized should be used to interact and engage the people. No need to take big sum of money from the Party to set up official websites or online portals (I heard something like this happened before - hearsay or just a rumour maybe).

  7. Word can be passed around easily among the people such as - "You have complains ? You need help ? Which area are you from ? Easy, just post your questions, suggestions or complains on MCA's Facebook Fan Page Wall and they will look into it."
  1. Isn't this better than - "Eh you got problems ? Ok why don't you go online to search for the MCA Division website ? None ? Maybe you can try searching for numbers with Telekom or MCA main website. Hm what's the website ah ? Wait let me check....can't remember now. Oh your local MCA service centre is not doing anything ? Wisma MCA will entertain our complains meh? Hmmm....you hardly see your reps around also huh...Aiseh. I also don't know who to tell." (After office hours, how ? Facebook is available 24 hours and convenient for all at their own will or leisure time)

  2. For example if we receive a complain that some areas in Penang need help on our Facebook wall, the relevant State MCA Chief will be informed immediately and he/she can follow up. (Fast, free, easy and definitely People First Performance Now)

  3. State MCA leaders can play a role whereby any complains or appeals for help in their States will be dealt with swiftly when raised by netizens. Of course, State leaders and Cabinet MCA leaders can disseminate information or make announcement for the Rakyat using this MCA Facebook Page as well.

  4. Many people do not know about grants or scholarships up for application or Government welfare payments for the needy based on their personal conditions. This Fan Page can surely be used to create a corner called "Do you know that .... " (If MCA Infocom don't know how or don't understand, please learn from MIC or call me, I can teach you)

  5. People nowadays are always in one centralized networking page called Facebook. Tell me, who doesn't have Facebook ? Many do. Even my relative at the age of 70++ has a Facebook account !

  6. I doubt many will take the trouble to type and click http://www.mca.org.my to contact the relevant people when in fact with a Facebook Page actively managed by MCA, they can just post a comment or question on the Wall at their own leisure and pleasure. (It is free oi !)

And I don't care if I make enemies at such a young age in politics. Kalau saya rasa tak betul, saya tegur. That's my policy. I await to see MCA Infocom's progress.

If you are not capable, officers in the Department should quit their posts and let others do it.


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