Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Politicized CNY celebration

2 main news made way to my ears and caught my attention in the midst of my hectic schedule with friends and family.

First of all, we saw the embarrassing and immature anti Ong-Chua banners unfurled at Wisma MCA on 14 February 2010.

Liow Tiong Lai must control his “supporters”. Word must have travelled up to Wisma MCA way earlier on.

I am quite sure someone silently “encouraged and endorsed” the banners to be printed and unfurled for all to see – journalists, politicians, community leaders and the rakyat – at Wisma MCA on the 1st day of CNY.

Indeed, it is unprofessional and unbecoming of MCA politicians to embarass the Party on such an important day.

Visitors and well wishers to Wisma MCA as well as National leaders were uncomfortable at the sight of such banners which ridiculed and criticized the top two leaders of MCA while praising the Vice President Liow.

Such acts only happen in the Opposition camp where they pursue the acts of intimidation, defamation and affirmation seeking. So, perhaps Tiong Lai should reconsider his strategy and political moves.

If Tiong Lai condemned the acts, then I challenge him to take the initiative to table a motion during the Central Committee meeting and serve warning letters to those who showed great disrespect to the Party and the Chinese New Year celebration.

As for Ronnie Liu, his days are numbered I believe. Feared DAP warlord Teng Chang Khim grilled him for finishing up his allocation (RM 600,000) in 6 months. [Read : Rep grilled over yearly allocation]

Ronnie Liu wasn't aware of his spending pattern. But you can only hear deafening silence from Opposition leaders, alternative media and pro Opposition blogs.

Pro Opposition bloggers and alternative media would have spun the story interestingly if it was by a BN elected representative.

Then, it was rumoured that Ronnie Liu ordered the removal of banners by private companies and residents around midnight.

These banners and welcome notes were erected by the public to welcome Malaysia’s Prime Minister to the National CNY Open House at Klang Valley. There were claims that smooth traffic implementation (several road closures) were objected and ordered to be canceled.

There wasn’t any calls for Royal Inquiry either when Wee Choo Keong exposed that there is a Selangor Exco who used his office for meetings with underworld leaders – the source of Malaysia’s high crime rate. It was rumoured that Ronnie Liu is the one.

Speaking of Royal Inquiries, a DAP assemblyman was also reported to have knocked down a Malay kid who has been admitted to the hospital’s ICU. [Read : Student fighting for his life]

Ng Suee Lim was said to be drunk at that time. It seems to me that every Pakatan Rakyat leader is so quiet and they contain the news from their supporters. (Can anyone update me on this ?)

If it was done by a BN leader, the story would have been played like a symphonic orchestra piece in hundreds of blogs by Pakatan Rakyat cyber troopers and politicians.

Back to the main point, my stand all these while has been consistent.

When Hindraf, RPK supporters and Anti ISA activists brought their political fight to a Hari Raya open house hosted by Tun Abdullah Badawi in 2008, I was irritated.

Do not politicize festivals or cultural celebrations. Do not be so obsessed with politics, Ronnie.

I remember the good old days when Kit Siang and his entourage will visit Tun Dr Mahathir at Seri Perdana to wish the Statesman “Selamat Hari Raya” at almost every open house.

Even Anwar can enjoy a quiet tea session with Najib during a Parliamentary session break at Parliament House.

What more to say a National Level Chinese New Year open house where EVERY rakyat regardless of race, religion and status is invited to attend ?

This year, approximately 40,000 to 50,000 people are expected to attend the National level CNY open house.

Festivals are meant for us all to come together, shake hands and share a meal. We share laughters, joy and memorable moments together during celebrations and open houses.

Why play politics on a day when every rakyat wants to enjoy their holiday, food and joy with friends and family ? Be a professional and mature politician. We cannot expect or even consider people like Ronnie Liu to be a Federal Minister one day.

For more in depth information, please read - The Sheer Arrogance of Pakatan - which I find it interesting and well written.


Mat Cendana said...

This is another interesting post about the intricacies of MCA politics which I assume to be accurate. Have to mention here that I don't really understand or know what's going on with the MCA beyond the general happenings. Since I sometimes need to have an opinion, seriously, when it comes to the MCA I've been secretly allowing you to do all the analysis and have accepted almost everything as fact. This saves me from a lot of headache:-) Oh, I do read elsewhere too - Dato' Ti Lian Ker's opinions carry a lot of weight with me too. However, since he's "too closely involved" as a player, whenever there are contradictions, your blog wins since you aren't "too close".

By the way, you appear to be a factor in the SoPo blogosphere. I've just been to Rocky's Bru, and I saw your name in one anti-Umno comment (at the "Aussie" post). Since it doesn't have a Blogger stamp, it's easy to spot this as a fake. But the fact that the person attempts to drag your name through the mud got me thinking: You must be important enough for someone to try and do that - I've never suffered this before on blogosphere (but had on Usenet a decade or so ago), so it's a humbling reminder that I'm "no one of too much significance" Haha!

Oh, on another matter: Must be happy with the Newcastle 4 - 1 Coventry match, and the former in top position in the Championship League. Yeah, there's joy in the lower division since it's much easier to bully most others:-) Just make sure the team goes up next season; else it might become `a habit', like what Leeds is undergoing.

Goh Wei Liang said...

Mat thanks for that. The "identity theft" has been going on and on. This trooper also spammed my blog with "fake identities" like Najib, Pemuda UMNO, Ong Tee Keat etc.

I write with my own account name and if there's any hanky panky comments posted elsewhere, all bloggers can clarify with me at my email.

Yes ! Haha. Hopefully Newcastle climbs back up to the Premier League. I was panicking when I saw a sudden loss of form two weeks ago. It is a relieve now that they are back on top :)

katdog said...

Firstly, regarding the accident involving the DAP rep who was alleged to have been drunk.

He has already refuted the claims and pointed out that he drove the Malay boy to the hospital and then lodged a police report. Now if he was drunk, i'm sure the police will be able to find out easily.

So let's see if the police charges him with drunk driving.

Secondly, even if he was drunk, if a road accident is the worst 'dirt' you can pick up on a politician, then honestly (in Malaysia) i would say its a GOOD day.

Compare this to some of the things that you read in the news:
-Altantuya executed with two bullets to the head by Malaysian policemen - the person that ordered the execution has not been found yet. No prizes for guessing who is allegedly involved.

- Datuk S. Krishnasamy assassinated with a single bullet through the head at MIC HQ. To date the police has 'no clue' who ordered his assassination. Care to guess why?

- Actress Sujatha 'accidentally' drank paraquat and died. 'Accidentally' drank paraquat?!! Guess which prominent persons from which party involved in this ludicrous one.

We haven't even started talking about scandals like corruption and appointments of judges, or even moral scandals like CSL's extra marital sex.

So seriously, a case of reckless driving... you want to politicize that?

katdog said...

And with regards, to Ronnie Liu, he has already been grilled by PR's SELCAT regarding his allocation.

That's a lot better than what you can expect from UMNO-BN.

PR may not be perfect, but they are at least working on setting up an accountable responsible government.

Secondly, if Ronnie Liu is really involved in illegal activities then ALL PR supporters want to see him charged and jailed. So that we can have a by-election and select a better candidate.

Sometimes, it is more convenient to have a PR rep. If you want any dirt on the guy, just open up the newspaper and all the dirt will be there for you to decide on. It's is much much easier to be an 'informed' voter with a PR rep.

It harder for those with BN reps. Everything is hidden behind smokes and mirrors. What you see in the MSM are all expensive PR/glamour shots. A charity donation here, a pompous visit there. How do you know what your BN reps are 'really' doing?

Of course, nowadays we have Malaysiakini and MalaysiaToday that is unafraid to post stories on the 'mistakes' of BN.

So do visit MalaysiaToday to get some of the latest scoops or subscribe to Malaysiakini. Reading BN-owned MSM only gives you half the story.

If you don't want to visit those sites because you think they are 'pro-PR' then try The Sun newspaper. They've also got some interesting pieces that isn't reported in other newspapers or even opposition web sites. And you definitely can't call The Sun pro-PR.

Here are the links: