Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

On 11 February 2010, my mom and I visited a handicap children welfare home. My family has been visiting this home for several years already with food and drinks.

The place is called Persatuan Kebajikan Rumah Orang Kurang Upaya (Handicap Children's Welfare Home) and it is located at Jalan Haji Eusoff (Housing Trust) - about 100 metres behind The Store at Jalan Kampar of Ipoh.

Never once
I stopped to talk to the caretaker except a simple "Hello, this is for the children. Can we come in and share the food and drinks with them for a while ? Here, let's open some food and drinks now and you keep the rest for later."

The caretakers will say, "Yes of course".

This year, since I am back for good and carefree now, I decided to stop and talk to the welfare home management (two senior people) for once.

I asked, "Sir, how do you all maintain this place ? Did the Government give any aid ?"

The man replied,
"Not at all. We have applied many times but we always get rejected. They say our area is an elite area, we operate without license, and .... " (I can't remember)

I was surprised. How can this home which is Ipoh's Housing Trust be an elite area ?

Okay let us assume that is not a reason.

I don't understand. Why reject Government aid to a welfare home which genuinely supports these handicap children ? Not even a small sum ?

This kid here (pic below) is blind and suffered from either fits/epilepsy (hazy memory..but I know he is blind). His parents left him at the General Hospital and the caretaker was informed about it.

The kind lady, Mary who is the Head of the Welfare Home, took this boy back and cared for him ever since.

There was another boy whose parents died in an accident. He is with the welfare home now but he moves around like a frog (as described by the caretakers, not me).

My mom went over and fed him some biscuits since he couldn't eat on his own. And he has eating/chewing/swallowing difficulties too.

This home houses 24 handicap children and require approximately RM 4000 monthly for maintenance - food, utilities, rent, etc (I was told).

My dear Barisan Nasional Perak Government, have a heart please and go to this home. Listen to them and reevaluate their application for Government aid.

My fellow Perakians, let us stop for a minute and not pray for our own prosperity only. Think about these kids. Spend some time and money to help them or any welfare homes you know.

Every effort, support and thought counts. No matter how small they are.

I am sure there are many more welfare homes with similar problems. But at least, in this case, I am doing my part and highlighting one welfare home's plight.

I hope this article is passed on to
  1. Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir (UMNO Perak),
  2. Datuk A Ganesan (MIC Perak),
  3. Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon (MCA Perak)
  4. Datuk Chang Ko Youn (Gerakan Perak)

To all Malaysians, please travel safely on the road. Biar lambat asalkan selamat !

Happy Holidays to all of you and Happy Chinese New Year to those who are celebrating the new Tiger Lunar Year. Best wishes to all of you.

All pictures here were taken using my mobile phone with permission from Mary (the Pengerusi of the caretaker).



salam bro
aku ucap gong xi fa cai untuk kau dan keluarga serta rakan2 kau..

moga cny ni bawak kemakmuran,kekayaan,ketenangang,kesihatan dan segala yang baik untuk dan jugak untuk negara kita..


angpau mana ? hahaha..

Anonymous said...

kung hei fatt choy!

MJ said...

Ask yourself lah! Is this place run by Chinese or Malay!

Even if they give something to the home it will be a one off thing for publicity purpose!

They may give you some more when it is time for election!

Unless you quickly take over MCA and give them money yourself!

Welcome back to Malaysia!!!
It is time for you to get screwed by BN!

Goh Wei Liang said...

Thank you GAP and Siddiq. Happy holidays to you two !

MJ. Ahem. The place is located at Ipoh Timur. Who is the MP ? Google it yourself ! Cough cough !


Don't be a hardcore PR supporter la. Be like me. I support BN but I criticize both BN and PR too ! :)

Just for your information, for the past 4 years, I come home every 4 months (each time I have a semester break) without fail.


I know BN, PR and Malaysia inside out, perhaps better than you.

Wenger J. Khairy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kama said...

Wei Liang

Good of you to highlight this issue. I do hope some measure of relevant action be taken after this. I'm involved with voluntary work and shall highlight this issue to 'some people' as well. Let's hope something good comes out of it.

Selamat Tahun Baru Cina to you and family.. Gong Xi Gong Xi!

Mohd Syameer Firdaus said...

Hi Goh!
This is a very good article and surprisingly our BN govt don't take this matter seriously. They're doing social work and there're no support from the govt. I believe that this is a minor case but then it's heartless to let all of the innocent people like that.

Anyway, I wish u a very HAPPY and PROSPEROUS CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!

justice4otk said...

Hi Brother Goh

Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you and your family .May this year also brings you good health , good luck and good fortune .

Justice4otk .

satD said...

have a tigery year ahead GWL may u be bless with prosperity in real world n wisdom to navigate the cyber world...


Wenger J. Khairy said...

Wei Liang,
I've deleted my earlier comment. Its not relevant to the discussion at hand. I've also posted this article on YB Dato Seri Zambry's face book page, I'm sure he will have a look at it , I hope someting good will happen.

My sincere apologies for the earlier comment.

MJ said...


Why are you asking who is the Ipoh Timur? You yourself state that the Govt has not help this home!

Who is the current ruling govt now?

Don't be so arrogant and self- righteous!

You are manipulative in your articles. You may have given BN constructive criticisms as well as high praises but your articles on PR and filled with half truths, unfair insults, sarcasm and just downright cynical.

Basically you are doing the same thing as what most MSM (like Utusan and TV3) are doing.

I understand their motivation behind why they do it and but what is your motivation for being bias and manipulative?

I am not a PR supporter. I just don’t have to be critical of them because the MSM does a good job at that. No need to be repetitive.

On the other hand there is not enough media coverage on the good things that is done by PR.

So again why are you doing the same thing that the MSM are doing?!? What is your motivation for being bias and manipulative?

Ha! For the last 4 years you have only been home for only 16 months and you presume that you know more about Malaysia than a person who has not left the country at all.

Arrogant, manipulative, and in total self-denial. I agree with you! You should go and join MCA. You have all their qualities!

Anonymous said...

Nizar claimed that in their one-year rule, the BN government had not allowed the PR to use public premises such as public fields and community halls to host their functions.

“We do not even have the premises to go and meet the people because we are not given space to do so.

“The only way for us is to perhaps meet the people in pasar malams (night markets) or by the road side,” he said.

Nizar added that unlike when PR was in power, BN did not open the memberships on all district level action committees to all.

“If we cannot be in these committees, this shows that they are restricting us from giving our services to the people,” he said.

Nizar also said that during the PR's rule in 2008, a total allocation of RM75,000 was channelled to all BN assemblymen through the land office.

“Meaning, in all constituencies held by the BN, we give them money to spend for their constituency.

“Today, we in the PR get nothing from the BN,” he said.

Goh Wei Liang said...

Haha. MJ. I criticize BN leaders because I want them to be good. Why are you so protective and attack me when I asked you who is the Ipoh Timur MP ?

The constituents voted for the Ipoh Timur MP. Does it mean that he doesn't need to fulfill his responsibilities to the people ?


And now you say I am spinning like MSM. Haha. Grow up, MJ. Grow up.

Jebat Must Die said...


Gong Xi Fa Cai! Hope you had a good one.

Thank you.


MJ said...

If the BN govt does not help this home, are they still fulfilling their responsibilities?

Likewise if Ipoh Timur did not help this home it does not mean that he is no fulfilling his responsibilities.

This is exactly why I called you manipulative.

As for attacking you, I was merely responding to your comments on being a hardcore PR supporter as well as your great knowledge of this country.

Again you are very good at twisting and turning things around!

So I say again, you will make a great MCA politician one day.

I just hope there won't be many like you when I grow up!

Goh Wei Liang said...

Haha MJ. Let me point to you one by one.

Your question : If the BN govt does not help this home, are they still fulfilling their responsibilities?

Your statement :
Likewise if Ipoh Timur did not help this home it does not mean that he is no fulfilling his responsibilities.

MJ, let us go back again to your previous statement.

"Why are you asking who is the Ipoh Timur? You yourself state that the Govt has not help this home! Who is the current ruling govt now? Don't be so arrogant and self- righteous!"

Let me beat some drums now. First of all, if BN doesn't help the home, I will criticize them. Will you criticize the elected rep (DAP) who did not even bother ?

What am I spinning ? I am not even spinning anything. I wrote about a welfare home who did not receive backing from the Govt or any elected representative except from the public.

I criticized BN. You joined the fun and criticized me for supporting BN. But you fail to realise that the Opposition you adore and support did not perform as well ! (They ruled the state Govt for approx 1 year)

What more to say about the elected MP (DAP) ?

I do my work and slam my leaders for not helping this welfare home. What have you done ?

So, using a mirror facing you and using your own words, "Don't be so arrogant and self- righteous!"

mj said...

How many times must I keep telling you that I do not support nor adore the opposition!

Where have you quoted me on this?
This is the spinning that you keep doing!

I merely choose not to criticize the opposition because the MSM and you do a very good job at it!

No need to do double work!
(Do you still not get this concept by now! OMG! And I thought you were smart!)

All I am doing is trying to balance this imbalance created by the MSM and you!

The arrogant and self-righteous statement is for your statement that you know so much about this country and that you are very impartial in your articles.

Which again is a manipulation done very well by you.

At the beginning I merely highlighted to you the realities of this country and to tell you to not have so much hope from the BN govt.

I deliberately choose not to comment on the opposition. This does not amount to supporting them or praising them. It was you who started criticize the opposition MP.

As you said the PR had ruled the state Govt for approx 1 year. And even then this was under very difficult circumstance of sabotage.

The BN govt had 52 years of reign under their belt. So lets be fair and not use the same ruler on both parties. (unless you have another hidden agenda/motives)

In any case I hope the handicap home gets the funds it deserve from which ever party possible.

and Happy CNY to you!

Goh Wei Liang said...

Yawn. Either you are an identity thief or totally forgetful. Those quotes come from your own writings above.

Mistakes after mistakes, corruption after corruption, disputes after disputes. The only excuse used by PR supporters ? Bn ruled for 52 years, Pakatan came into power for only 1 year.

Haha. But the propaganda all these while has been that PR can do a better job than BN and PR is holier than thou.

Yet, excuses are given each time. Thank you for the wishes and be clear that I do not spin anything but report clearly and factually on everything :)

I am impartial in every sense where I praise leaders like Fong Po Kuan and Hannah Yeoh for their good job and criticize Barisan Nasional leaders.

Tell me, do you or any Pakatan Rakyat supporters or sympathizers criticize their own camp and praise some BN leaders ?


That is what I call a spin of facts on my stand.


Thank you for the wishes and have a good year to you too.

Anonymous said...

aih...mayb it depends on the race this home is run for? i dont knw..

Anonymous said...

Dear Omar,
You celebrate CNY??? I ingat u sudah potong punya ma.
Okay lah, smua tahu siapa MP Ipoh Timur.Tetapi MP PR tidak dapat peruntukan untuk disalurkan ke pada rakyat yang memerlukannya.Itu duit semua sudah dibalon oleh BN dan Some royal parasites.Tahu apa beza duit ehsan dan Royalti?KenaPA Mahthir bagi duit ehsan dan bukan royalti kepada Terengganu.Sebab duit ehsan akan disalurkan kepada JPP dan bukan kerajaaan negeri.JPP di kawal oleh UMNO.MCA mahu duit belanja , kenapa jilat itu umno orang punya kaki dan bontot jua o.Perlembagaaan kata, setiap kawasan parlimen patut dapat peruntukan tetapi peruntukan itu smapai kepada UMNO goons bukan MP Ipoh Timur.Belajar tinggi-tinggi samapai Australia,Otak dekat bontot ka?Kamu Pergi Australia mahu belajar atau pergi konkek itu orang putih punya perempuan? Ada bawa balik AIDS ka? Jadi nak cakap, dapatkan fakta dulu.Nak tahu MP Ipoh timur boleh buat kerja atau tidak,senang ma,buang itu BN dan kasi PR jadi kerajaan dan tengok,dia buat kerja atau tidak?Lu kalsu tadak kerja pergi tanya sama itu orang ramai, mereka suka sama Nizar atau itu Zambry.Lu pergi Ke parlimen bawa BN dan tengok kalau dia orang punya MP ada beri duit sama Rumah kebajikan, rumah orang tua atau rumah kanak-kanak yang di punyai oleh bukan islam.Kalau ada, saya salute sama lu.Pergi cari dulu.Saya akan poskan senarai rumah2 itu yang tidak dapat bantuan.Ada yang dapat sekali sahaja, itu pun masa dekat pilanraya.
Omar.pergi sembayang omar.