Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Anwar Ibrahim's Sodomy 2

Reporter : Datin Seri, would you happen to know what your husband was doing on that very day ?

Wan Azizah : He has a meeting ... er ...

Reporter : Meeting where ?

Nurul Izzah : He was with us ... (unclear)

According to Saiful Bukhari, by his calculations, Anwar's team has successfully postponed or delayed the case by approximately 20 times.

A young man's wish. "Selama ini, Hanya SATU sahaja permintaan saya, iaitu untuk memberi keterangan di Mahkamah."

Saiful once urged his readers to have patience and wait for his day in Court to reveal more. But he did mention that he accompanied Anwar to
  • Hong Kong in early May,
  • Bangkok in late May and
  • Singapore from June 16 to 18

(Source : The Star)

After 20 merry go rounds, finally the Court case is on ! Collection of news from the international press :
  1. ... Anwar Ibrahim's defence team will produce at least five witnesses claiming they were with the PKR de facto leader at the material time of the unnatural sex charge. (Asiaone)

  2. Defense lawyer Sankara Nair said "there is no case," adding that Anwar, a former deputy prime minister, has an alibi. (MSNBC)

  3. Malaysia's opposition leader has told the BBC that he has an alibi for "every minute" of the day when he is accused of sodomy with a former male aide. (BBC)

Asiaone also quoted Anwar :
  • ....his lawyers had written three letters to the Inspector General of Police and the Attorney-General indicating his willingness to co-operate in the investigation.
  • 'They did not reply until today. Take my DNA, take my hair ... my hair is everywhere, except this part,' said Anwar as he smiled and patted the middle part of his scalp.

But, when the Police wanted to take the DNA, a different song was sung (written in Asiaone) :
  • He has refused to give a DNA sample, even though the police said they were willing to let him choose his own forensic expert to take his sample.

Just to walk us down memory lane, Sodomy 1's very last piece of judgement by the Court of Appeal was in favor of Anwar Ibrahim.

  • "To summarise our judgment, even though reading the appeal record, we find evidence to confirm that the appellants were involved in homosexual activities and we are more inclined to believe that the alleged incident at Tivoli Villa did happen, sometime, this court, as a court of law, may only convict the appellants if the prosecution has successfully proved the alleged offences as stated in the charges, beyond reasonable doubt, on admissible evidence and in accordance with established principles of law. We may be convinced in our minds of the guilt or innocence of the appellants but our decision must only be based on the evidence adduced and nothing else."

Source : Kehakiman

If there is an "air tight - guaranteed no case" alibi (5 witnesses as Sankara said, alibi every minute as Anwar said), then there is nothing to worry.

***UPDATED (10.30am)***
Trial has been postponed for 21st time.

***UPDATED (4.30pm)***
Court case will go on and no more delays, Judge ruled.


Mohd said...

Let us see and hear what the alibis has to say on the whereabouts of Anwar on the alledged day.
The CCTV don't lie!
They will be caught with their pants down.
The the court can prosecute these 5 witnesses for giving false evidence and jail them.

Anonymous said...

>>If there is an "air tight - guaranteed no case" alibi (5 witnesses as Sankara said, alibi every minute as Anwar said), then there is nothing to worry.

No. Ass tight all the are thrumped up charges & false allegation.

Your 2 minute video show fck all. it simply shows the father if that is indeed the father, so what?
does it show anything?

GWL you're so fcked up.


Jeffry said...


Anonymous said...

The drama king has already started his nonsense by giving a press conference to instigate riots.

Be prepared for candle burning, lying on the streets, bicycle rides, slogan shouters, in brief, ruckus.


Anonymous said...


I like to see both sides of the coin..
But if keep selecting bits from 1 side then its quite hard to see the picture..

My simple average brain says that if 'they' can come out with Soi Lek's DVD..

How come the most hated man by BN is not under surveillance 24/7..I doubt that since DSAI is deemed a threat to national security..

I know he is not a brilliant economist and backstab TDM during ASEAN financial crisis and could plunge Malaysian socio economy into the brink of chaos but is there no other way than to come out with this sodomy epic..

Why not emulate some of US Republican tactics..
Every politician has some dirt as no mortal is free from sin..
Why TDM did not come clean and just say hey this SOB MOFO tried to topple me and create a very instable situation for Malaysians of all race..
Trust the intelligence of the Rakyat..

Majority are matured enough to understand the nature of power struggle..

If some bodo lembu cannot cope do a short doc using easy to understand pictures and diagrams suitable for Tadika kids IQ level..

One shit lead to another shit and look what happened to BN now..I read todays herald on the way to work and see Kwailos laughing at Malaysian politics..

Its like what they imagine..

Anonymous said...

Omar Goh and Ong tee keat, umNO called your grand mother, mother and daugther beggars and WHORES and are you going to continue licking his arse.

You ta dak malu ka?

katdog said...

Trial postponed many times because the prosecution refused to provide evidence that they claim they have.

Maybe to the monkeys in Malaysia this is no big deal, but in modern developed countries this is considered a grave form of injustice.

You do not 'ambush' people in the court of law. All evidence has to be shared equally between defense and prosecution prior to trial.

Any additional evidence that need to be produced in the court of law needs the consent of the judge before being used and the defence has the right to demand time to analyze the new evidence before it being presented in the courts.

That is what a modern day court that emphasizes justice practices. Something that Malaysian courts cannot claim to be.