Monday, August 10, 2009

sjsandteam SHUT DOWN

Recently, a prominent blog - SJSANDTEAM - was shut down by the owners. I tried searching for the reason given and found that Zorro Unmasked had a take on this.

From Zorro Unmasked was recently shut down by the blog owners after fears for the safety of the team & the readers. Apparently SjsAndTeam were taking care of Raja Petra in United States. SJSAndTeam did the right thing by stopping the tracks & giving the police a hard time to catch Raja Petra.

Is that true ? I don't think so. Several bloggers who surf the web round the clock managed to capture the very last entry of the blog before the owners pulled the plug and deleted it.

Clearly, the article was outright SEDITIOUS. Read the article here.

With top leaders saying things like this,

and contradicting with another chameleon here,

it will not be shocking at all if people tell me this man (Loke Siew Fook - MP of Rasah) wrote such things (as claimed by many people). [UPDATE : YB Loke posted a denial at Rockybru that he wrote such articles.]

Time after time, DAP had many clashes with the Royal Households and protocols in several States - Perak & Johor for example.

When the judiciary sided Pakatan Rakyat in the case of RPK (freed from ISA), Anwar Ibrahim (sodomy sentence quashed, compensation and public apology from various parties to Anwar Ibrahim), and many other events,
  • the judiciary was hailed and praised
  • the judiciary was said to be fair, just and independent

But when things go the other way, against them, another side of the story is told and the leaders and supporters rise like mobsters to undermine our enforcement and judiciary.

The same applies for the case where certain quarters are defaming the Perak Royal Household.

In reality, Raja Nazrin Shah is a noble and highly respectable figure in Perak. Thanks to the machinery of Pakatan Rakyat, they smeared the royal household's image.

They clearly know that the Royal Household will not issue statements to defend accusations from political parties since doing so will extinguish the Royalty stature and blur the lines between the Malay Rulers and politics.

Thus, they act like hooligans and say all sorts of things against my Sultan and Raja Muda.

Raja Muda and his consort are two wonderful, friendly and intelligent royalty.

I hope Perakians come to their senses and defend their royal household because Sultan Azlan Shah and Raja Nazrin are not what some politicians have been accusing them of.

Daulat Tuanku !

(Credits to Rockybru, The Malaysian Insider and The Star for the photos)


Anonymous said...

you have your opinion on the Perak royalty, others have theirs. They don't have to agree with you.

Sri Hartamas

Aiyyaa Nostladamus Kaa said...

heiyyaa manyak busuk cilakak dap. lia olang arrr atak singpan ploglam mau kasi buang summa raja-raja, mau kasi tukak kita punya law lalam parrlimen.

sikalang itu pakatan arrr misti bikin manyak kacyau sana sini. itu macyam arrr kasi gomen manyak sibuk. gomen tatak masa mau kasi ini ninggili maju kaya, tatak masa mau kasi tolong lakyat biasa.

heiyya manyak busuk ini pakatan.

Anonymous said...

Please go to Rocky's Bru and check. This DAP guy has stated in no uncertain terms that he did not write the article and had nothing to do with the blog.

justmy2SEN said...

Berani kerana BENAR, Takut kerana SALAH

Berani buat fitnah, tak berani lak nak tanggung..lepas tu buat la alasan cover line....

Cucu Tok Selampit said...

Daulat Tuanku.

fencesitter said...

so, Omar Goh, tell me why Najib was so fast in acting histerically and comment, threaten people not to do or write anything that is racist which can cause racial issue on one particular blog in just one day BUT NEVER talk about the Umno regime owned Utusan MElayu which had published not only one article but so much so that this Utusan keep on with its arrogant in publishing articles which OBVIUOSLY EXTREMELY RACIST. Not a single word from Najib's mouth including all the BN components parties MCA. No one from these coalition dare to speak up against this Utusan Melayu. WHy? Does Najib really treat us the people as stupid or idiot. C'mon, we can clearly see the real pictures.

fencesitter said...

C'mon. Omar, why u don't reply my question?...Give your views. Lets see what are you gonna said. Lets see how NEUTRAL are you.