Sunday, August 02, 2009

Politically Motivated ISA Gathering

Do read my take here - 1 August : ISA Gathering Gimmick?

First, allow me to present to you the numbers at the gathering reported by mainstream media as well as online news portals.
And folks, the following is a list of news which appeared in The Star today.

1. Time to repeal the ISA
2. Sticking to his pins and principles
3. 'Power should not be in hands of one person'

I have no idea how the "controlled media" can publish such news.

Or is it a propaganda of the Opposition and their cybertroopers that we should not read the papers but only read news portals and blogs that sided them ?

1 August gathering was only meant to be there for another go at spinning stories. The Opposition's agenda and message must be sent out clear cut that
  • UMNO and Barisan Nasional are evil and draconians
  • Police and MACC are murderers and bullies
  • Politicians, youths, students and people are manhandled

Yes, by now we can see that this is the message that has to be repeated by the Opposition quarterly as the Opposition await the 13th General Election - their closest chance to power now.

Again, we should send the Opposition and GMI back to the basics to ask why the need for 1 August gathering, just like how Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak ensured that we went back to the foundations of ISA with efforts on review ongoing.

News on the ISA Comprehensive Review :

To comprehensively review and amend the ISA, it does not happen overnight. There are many in certain ISA Detention Camps that pose security threats in terms of terrorism and hardcore crime to our country and our region.

If we abolish ISA right away, we leave a crater like legal loophole for many to escape the arms of our our law enforcement and regulatons.

Will Pakatan Rakyat be willing to bear the risks of any threats to the people's security and well being if ISA is abolished at this instance ?

Be patient and let Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak do his job. The message is clear.

If one thinks he is not performing, every citizen in Malaysia has his or her democratic rights and fundamental liberties to vote for a candidate and party whom he or she thinks will deliver what is best to the people.

And let us exercise our democratic rights through the ballot boxes, not the streets.

(Credits to Malaysiakini and TheStar for the photos)


Anonymous said...

GMI march, of course its politically motivated... stoopeed.

and so is the proISA & ISA itself.

Zanie said...

Loopholes? What loopholes? Detention without trial is barbaric! If you have evidence against the people you detained, present it in court, put them on trial! Locking husbands, sons and brothers for years without proof of any wrongdoings of whatsoever is so inhuman that even internationally, it is condemned, condemned by the UN, condemned by the Islamic world.

Abolish the ISA now!!

Anonymous said...

Our PM has one quality which I admire more... his patience... this is something that is not found among the leaders in the opposition parties... who want to make lotsa money and gain more power in the shortest of time

Tony said...

You have again missed the forest for the trees. Whether or not the gathering is a gimmick is immaterial. Just like whether or not you are paid by BN to carry their balls is immaterial.

What is important is that many, may people wants the ISA to be abolished and they want PM to know that they are serious. Not just some show that it is being reviewed. We had enough of gimmick reviews by UMNO with disastrous results such as MACC, PDRM.

Now we really do not care whether they review your contract to carry balls.

Anonymous said...

yea abolish ISA and people like Mat Selamat will be on the street...

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you will be that patient if your mom was lock up in ISA without trial or prove!

Crap from a writer with nothing at stake!

Jared said...

hahaha....darn, i hav fun watching u all. even though most r very much agnst the views of tis author... u all still come back and make angry posts here.

if u are tat upset over such views, why persistently come back and spoil your day with it?

Jared said...

oops forgot to mention, i did remember tat the author was blasted when he mentioned the need to present cold hard evidence to court for any case. eg: RPK case. however, it was met with grave dissatisfaction frm some. there were feedbacks stating that the courts r corrupt and there is no point in presenting evidence. some mentioned that even though with evidence it wud b of no use as it is presented to a "controlled court and jury"

here on the contrary, some mentioned that ISA is horrible as no trials are performed and no fair trial was given.

hmm, quite contradicting. if the courts are perceived to be so much "corrupt", wut difference does it make to abolish ISA and maintain the alleged "corrupt" courts? might as well abolish every single law and regulation in the country as every single angle of justice is perceived to be flawed.

Anonymous said...

Don't be stupid Jared!

Fix one thing at a time can or not?!

First ISA so that the govt will not simply lock up their competition.

After that we will seek judicial reform!

Mohd Syameer Firdaus said...

ISA is doesn't a threat to people who don't make mistake but really a big threat to people who have their own agenda!

It's about who and what the purposes of that people!

chaptokam said...

Malaysia's chameleon

This was what Anwar said about the ISA on 24 May 1994 when he was Deputy Prime Minister while officiating a "Mesyuarat Agung Antarabangsa ke 27, Majlis Ekonomi Lembangan Pasifik (PBEC)" in Kuala Lumpur, Anwar Ibrahim said:

“Walaupun keadaan dalam negara sekarang adalah baik, namun tidak dapat dinafikan kemungkinan berlakunya ketegangan. Dalam keadaan seperti itu kebijaksanaan untuk mempertahankan ISA adalah perlu demi keamanan negara. Adalah tidak wajar untuk menghapuskan Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) yang terbukti berkesan membawa keamanan dan kemakmuran di negara ini.”

On 28th Oktober 1987, Anwar's statement when he was Education Minister on the arrest under ISA of both BN and Opposition members during Operation Lallang:

“The goverment’s decision to ban all public rallies showed that it placed national security above the aspirations of certain politicians and political parties…..The government’s actions were carefully planned and placed priority on national interest not that of any particular group. There can be no compromise on national security in a multiracial country like ours.”

Fast forward to 1st August 2009, this is what Anwar Ibrahim defacto Opposition Leader and wannabe PM said in the anti ISA demonstration:

“We gather today to fight a cruel law under a cruel administration..”

Anonymous said...

Trust Anwar to consistently show his true self....double-forked tongue

Anonymous said...

He is a change man after tasting his own medicine!!!!

I am sure all U UMNO goons will change your tune too if your mothers, fathers, sons and daughters were kidnap under ISA!!

So don't talk crap and bu!!SH!T yourself!

ISA has been use primarily for political purposes and has nothing to do with right or wrong!!

When the govt change hands and decide to use the same law to lock U useless UMNO goons in ISA, then we shall see if you change your own tunes or not!!

Anonymous said...

No, ISA must not be abolished. ISA is meant to keep the senile brained PR politicians at bay. It is a good law whereby those who tarnished Malaysia's good name and create unruly and unreasonably chaos in the country should be detained. I hope the current Malaysian Federal Government will keep the ISA Laws. It is also meant for idiotic fuckers that criticize the government too much. Kami rakyat Malaysia SOKONG ISA!

Anonymous said...

First time visiting this blog. Looking at the comments found and the profile of this blogger really piss me off. Another BN ass licker! My apology. Bye!

Anonymous said...

Well, your blog also repeat the same all message.

Anonymous said...

Well, your blog also repeat the same all message.

Anonymous said...

Well, your blog also repeat the same all message.