Friday, August 21, 2009

Najib & Muhyiddin must intervene

If we compare the leadership of Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat, each time a quarrel happens
  • between leaders in a component party or
  • between leaders of respective parties,
usually it won't end and the matter will not be contained until it gets almost out of control.

In Pakatan Rakyat, each time leaders point fingers at each other (evidently Wee Choo Keong & Azmin Ali versus Teresa Kok & Ronnie Liu), the Pakatan Rakyat Presidential Council intervenes and cuts of all public spat from thereforth.

More like sweeping everything (dirty stuff) under the carpet which will one day be the "skeletons in the closet" (quote from Tun Dr Mahathir) and will haunt Pakatan Rakyat.

When it comes to the ongoing quarrel between the President of Barisan Nasional's second largest component party with a very wealthy man who happens to be a BN leader from Sarawak also, I question the Barisan Nasional Supreme Council for the lack of involvement.

It has been a tradition that no BN leaders or component party can interfere with the politics of another party unless called upon by the top two leaders of the coalition.

In this case, the Supreme Council should intervene as this is not an internal component party problem but rather inter party.

MCA and the people must rally behind the President for all he had done and will still do in his career as a politician and Cabinet Minister.

Never once was anything hidden or shrouded in secrecy. Never once was there any attempts to sweep the case under the carpet. Never once was there any procedures to seal and close the case under the Official Secrets Act.

I hope to see DS Najib and TS Muhyiddin intervene in this matter.

The Malaysian Chinese Association members and Central Committee surely will not take matters lightly or watch at the sidelines of this well planned political moves from within and outside the party to "strangle and choke" the President of MCA who walked the talk in integrity and transparency.


The Hobbit Frodo said...

Liang Goh ~ good point!!! agreed

Junah said...

Still they say UMNO BN relationship is master servant based, how naive.

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