Monday, August 17, 2009

MCA vs Tiong King Sing

Blood will shed and we now have MCA vs Tiong King Sing after an emergency meeting on Sunday.

Approximately 1000 delegates of MCA from across the country gathered at Wisma MCA to hear it out from the man himself, Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat.

Interesting reviews and news all around the blogosphere and the media. One interesting Press Statement by Simon Lim caught my attention.

“On Aug 12, Faisal claimed that Ong owed US$40,000 for chartered flights. Then, he changed his tune when he found out that those jets cannot be hired since the company does not have the license (Air Operators’ Certificate) to do so. He then came up with the US$10,000 figure being for fuel and airport charges on Aug 13. At a press conference the same day, Faisal changed his position again saying that it was just based on an ‘understanding’ which has yet to be substantiated."

Other than this, MCA's Treasury General said
the party had not received any donations from Tiong since he became treasurer last year.

MCA now gives full backing for DS Ong Tee Keat to overcome the challenges and political defamation.

Blood will shed. Your guess. Will it be MCA's or KDSB Boss Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing ?


chaptokam said...

The allegation by Bintulu MP Tiong King Sing that he gave a RM10 million “loan” to MCA chief Ong Tee Keat raised many eyebrows. And Tee Keat has denied the huge ‘loan’ was ever made.

Yesterday,Ong Tee Keat filed a police report against Tiong. He also demanded an apology from Tiong within seven days for his public statement that he (Ong) took a RM10 million “loan” from him.
Tee Keat described the allegations made by Tiong, as "smear tactics and character assassination" against him. According to him, MCA is not in dire need of such monetary assistance from any party.
Meanwhile, Tiong has stated that he will not apologise, and according to China Press which interviewed Tiong, he has also refused to retract his statement on Ong.
Tiong, who is also the Barisan Nasional (BN) Backbenchers’ Club chairperson, said the RM10 million was paid in cash in three instalments.
Malaysian Mirror in an attempt to get some reactions to the unfolding drama, talked to three well-known NGO presidents on the matter.
Any donation must be recorded
Transparency International’s president Paul Low said that “there was no restriction if an individual wants to contribute to a party’s cause. In this matter, technically the contribution does not have anything to do with the PKFZ issues.
“The RM10 million issue is between Tiong and Ong. However, the PKFZ scandal must be solved,” Low said.
Bar Council president, Ragunath Kesavan (right), an ardent reader of Malaysian Mirror said: “The practice of giving gift or donation amounting to millions must be investigated, since there might be a tendency to corruption.
“Any donation must be recorded and acknowledged, especially if the amount is large like RM10 million,” he added.
Zaid Kamaruddin, the president of Jamaah Islah Malaysia (JIM) said: “It is technically correct for Ong to receive the donation, but then why must Tiong be contributing to MCA’s coffer if he does not have any reason?”
Since Ong has denied receiving the 'donation', the onus is on Tiong to prove that he had indeed 'donated' the RM10 million.
To sum it up, all of them seems to agree that even though such things can be done legally, the timing of the event can be such that to the public, all is not well.
That Tiong came up with the scathing allegation on the transport minister a day after the startling revelations were revealed on the PKFZ scandal seemed to indicate an act of vengeance.
Some political animals carry with them this theory in their political guidebook, i.e. "If I were to go down, I will make sure you go down with me

terminator said...

Btw Tiong

Did you bill BN when you took those BN MPs for a holiday in Taiwan using your jetliner during the period prior to 916 ?
Any nice chicks also provided in the plane so that they can have an orgy away their froggy appearance ?
Did you also gave donations to each and every one of them to make sure they do not become kataks ?
Wah you are so rich ah !?, how about giving me some donations ?
How did you give money to OTK ? 10 million in cash ? in 20 James Bond bag ? with self destruct like we see in Mission Impossible when he opens it ?
Which bank did you withdraw it from ? Must have a withdrawal slip ? Where's the slip ? Maybe you don't need it since the bank is Bank of TKS , sounds like LKS also got stake in it .
If MCA said it never received it , could you have given it to LKS instead by mistake or DAP ?
Or maybe you forgot that it was given to Chan Kong Choy as inducement for the three guarantee letters .
Since LKS has a stake in it , no wonder he is not mentioning Chan Kong Choy by default but targeting his AK47 at OTK .
Or could you have muzzled , embezzled the 10 million and conveniently put the blame on OTK ?
How could you giving someone 10 million without knowing when the sum was given out ,the mode of giving the cash in twenty James Bond bag ?and claiming its a loan to donation ? come on is it a loan or a donation ?
Where's the documentation to show its a loan and for how long and how much payable ? Or are you a big time Along ? 10 million becomes 50 million in one year ?
Did OTK really charter your plane ? or is the truth simply that you wanted to give him a lift ? " tumpang or lumpang " whatever is correct ?
And later claims he chartered your plane ?
At least OTK never abused his rights as Transport Minister unlike your partner CKC who used the DCA jet owned by the Survey Department for mapping purposes like his own executive jet , for all functions until it was brought up by LKS in parliament .
Many unanswered questions lah !! how to believe you especially when you are one of the persons who threatened OTK !!
Susah lah macam ini ..

dap punk said...

This Tiong Kan Sin talks cock make his lam pah song . Caught in a jam and seeing his 500 million to one billion evaporating into thin air has made him turn into a mad man . Same like the mad man of Asia , the barking mad dog of the DAP kennels .
This fucking guy is so ambitious , made his billions , jetting around in his privately owned jet , and coming to get involved in politics ?? can you believe it ? Or did he made his billions thru politics by getting the deal on PKFZ ?
Why is he so generous , giving donations everywhere ? If he could give to MCA as he claims , I am sure he has given to the Sarawak Party of Taib Mahmood , MIC , UMNO thru his Deputy CEO ,Gerakan , PAS , PKR and of course not forgetting DAP . Surprisingly all these parties are very QUIET . No one talking for fear the Kan Sin fella will say I also give you lah , so shut up !kan ni nah chow chi bai .

As posted by terminator above , so many unanswered questions and yet he is still kuai lan , maybe in cahoots with the underworld that he thinks no one can touch him , not the police , not the MACC , not the underworld , not the DAP since the mad dog is supporting him and his co conspirator , the one who gave the three letters of guarantee to Kuala Dimensi .
Can you Lim Kit Siang state clearly what's your stand on Chan ? or the 10 million has been split between you two ?

Now the Deputy thief is issuing a demand that the PKA Chairman is illegally appointed . Why now ? Why not before to all those illegally appointed chairman by Ling Liong Sik and Chan Kong Choy ? Sounds like lau kau ( monkey ) kena belacan . Jumping up and down , screaming like the mad dog of asia .

Justice for OTK said...

Tiong has MCA connection ?

Oh ya the only one I can think off is the DVD actor whom he needs to create troubles within the party and all those paid alternate media like Malaysia Insider , MalaysiaKini will sing and play to the tune of the actor , the gangster , the fugitive , the mad man of asia cum mad dog of Malaysia . Together they will form a choir and play to the audience who will sing along like one here , donplaypoohs .

100 million in their coffers to get rid of OTK ??? Wonder how much , LKS gets , Malaysia Insider gets and MalaysiaKini gets ? for thier act together ? and balance sum goes to buy delegates for the EGM . $10000 per delegate , buy 1200 delegates comes to just 12 million , chicken feed , still got a lot of leftovers to feed others .

Against a potential loss of 500 million up till one billion , sap sap soi .

chaptokam said...

It is very clear cut why LKS instead of choosing to be righteous is thinking more in terms of trying to get rid of Tee Keat .
If Tee Keat manages to pull this one off , MCA would be seen to have redeem itself in the eyes of the public .
Also PKFZ would have become a non issue for the DAP and its allies to harp on now and in GE13. Totally non issue and might even worked towards favoring MCA in the next GE.
So the mad dog of Asia has to go all out for the kill ! But the good will triumph over the evil .

bigben49 said...

You scratch my back, I scratch your back ma... meow meow...

anunnaki said...

When you give donations , especially when it amounts to 10 million , you expect a return of favour . Its plain bullshitt when you say you the gift was without any ulterior motives .

However , the one Tan Sri who issued the three letters of guarantee which was confirmed by Gani Patail the Attorney General , that the three are letters of guarantee which binds the govt , is surprisingly very quiet and he for one I believe wouldn't go to the extent of issuing three letters of guarantee without any return of favours by the party benefiting .
As such , can you believe he didn't benefit from "donations" from the Kan Sin fella ?
Btw Kan Sin is the Hokkien word meaning cunning .
They ( the Kan Sin fella and the Tan Sri ) come from the same flock , same mould , same interests , same background with underworld connections , same selfish interests who will do anything to achieve their illegal goals ! Who attends the PAC meeting bringing along with him two lawyers ! indication of some misdeeds !

Would he be the one whom the Kan Sin fella had given the money to ? and to cover his tracks is shifting the blame and money trail to Tee Keat ? They both have motives ..... could he be the one ? There's a high probability .

In Bentong , he is widely known to be the Taikor of the Wah Kee Traid or known as cell 40 in other parts of the country . Two of his brothers have been arrested before , one for trafficking in drugs and one involving a murder of a senior customs officer at Perhentian Ladang Bikam when he was Dep Finance Minister .

During the Sunday Special Briefing many of the Wah Kee's goons were seen to be hanging around in MCA .

Anonymous said...

If MCA can be washed clean of unhealthy elements in itself, this Ong Tee Keat will be remembered in history.

Meanwhile, what's you thots on this piece I found:


Anonymous said...

There's a new blog in town . Its called Justice for Ong Tee Keat .

Anonymous said...

Correction ;

There's a new blog in town . Its called Justice for Ong Tee Keat .