Tuesday, August 25, 2009

OTK's Fight Till The End

It has always been a tradition that each component party does not interfere with the leadership choice or preference of other parties.

Intervention inter parties in Barisan Nasional are the prerogatives of the President and Deputy President of Barisan Nasional only and solely theirs.

Whispers have long been going on that UMNO leaders do not favour Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat but have a softer spot and preference for Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek to helm the leadership of MCA.

The news article today written in The Malaysian Insider, Sin Chew Jit Poh and several other news giants will surely put a dent in the relationship of MCA-UMNO, the two largest component parties in the alliance.

I sure hope that this is not true. Again, the tradition of non interference with leadership choice among component parties must be upheld and continued.

The leadership of the largest Chinese based party can and should only be decided by the members and to a larger extent, the relevant Chambers of Commerce, associations and the community.

Nevertheless, an intervention in the triangle public spat between Dr Chua, Ong and Tiong is highly welcomed as this will do good for all parties in Barisan Nasional.

Now, will it be a fight till the end as reported in Malaysiakini ?

I wonder why no Barisan Nasional leader including Cabinet members or senior Government officials gave full support and backing to Ong when he declassified and announced the
  • PwC report on PKA and PKFZ

  • Efforts to improve the governance and ensure success of the PKFZ project

  • the special taskforce set up which include Skrine & Co’s senior lawyer Vinayak Pradhan, lawyers, accountants, quantity surveyors and building cost consultants

  • support letters made to interest groups of PKFZ by former Cabinet member(s)

  • promises and walks the talk of integrity, transparency and accountability

No one stood up and say "I'm with you".

If no one stands up for the man who walks the talk, then we can really forget about reforms in MCA and Barisan Nasional altogether.

MCA must "Berani Berubah" also !

Anyway, I received news that there is a new blog created last week - http://justice4otk.blogspot.com and this "anonymous" blogger is out to defend and fight for DS Ong Tee Keat in MCA.

Go there for more news on OTK's political battle.


justice4otk said...

High time to clean up the party . Need to get rid of all the useless inventory in the party . The sooner these thorns get plucked away the sooner the better .

aweeff said...

HellO brO..
i dont know where suddenly i found ur blog... and quite surprise, u on a BN/MCA side which is not many chinese now days on that side...

imma gov supporter but not a UMNO or any BN alliance even though i grow up & surrounded by BN's family.. FYI my mother is a MCA member while my father is a UMNO member...

anyway, good info, article.. I will bookmark your blog! keep it bro!!
peace 1 Malaysia!

aweeff said...

go! go! both of us will do a reform in our party (clean up) and kick out those liability to the party...

UMNO member also must do the same thing.. do a reform now.. still keep correction and arrogant leaders..start now before its to late, GE13th.. and UMNO should stop manipulating racism issues!

ps : grass root ROCK!!!