Monday, December 08, 2008

Penang 2nd Bridge

I sincerely hope the Bukit Antarabangsa issue will be the final tragedy for hillside buildings.

State Governments should place a directive to their relevant departments to test soils, foundation and threats at all hillside apartments, Government buildings, houses, commercial zones, schools etc.

Let us all play safe and treat this sad event as an ultimatum and a lesson to all. I pray for the dead, the injured and the homeless.

A Piece of My Mind is proud to say that this blog title appeared on screen during Zakhir's interview with RTM recently. Thank you Amzar for highlighting this to me.

Looks like I am getting a bit of attention from the media and mainstream bloggers. I am just a small fly though.

Anyway, while I was cruising around Sydney Harbour with my parents in the evening just now, I was wondering if Penang could do the same.

Of course the new Penang Bridge will cost a lot of money but wouldn't it be wise to put in an observatory deck in the middle of the bridge?

Perhaps a double deck bridge will be good with a deck for direct transport while the other deck could be a tourist drive with observatory stops.

Penangites must understand that even if they lose money initially, it could be iconic some day and be a revenue machine for the State.

The Sydney Opera House initially was given a budget of AUD 7 million but boomed to over a AUD 100 million. In today's value, the cost should be approximately AUD 1.2 billion.

Sydney folks were mad and skeptical throughout the project but in the end, we see the result today.

Now, we have KL Tower, Petronas Twin Tower, Sepang F1 Circuit and we almost had the Scenic Bridge. Our new tourist hotspot could be Penang 2nd Link.

Let us do it ! Yes we can ! Malaysia Boleh.

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