Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Malaysian Chinese

These days, I realize that I have developed a habit just like Dr Mahathir.

Since becoming a blogger and expanding my readings, I tend to criticize my own race frequently, the Malaysian Chinese, just like how Tun’s occasional attacks targeted at the Malays with the height being the book – The Malay Dilemma.

Of course I have read the Malaysian Chinese version by Ye Lin Sheng. Not very interesting I would say and not as sharp as Tun’s Dilema Melayu book. A simple review of the book is available HERE.

Nevertheless, take a look at the 21st century Malaysian Chinese who always say other races especially some Malay leaders are racists and create instability.

The Malaysian Chinese perhaps forget that if they point a finger at others, four others are pointing towards them.

That is, a reality. Why am I raising this and what am I trying to harp on? Think about the following.

When the Malay leaders from various NGO launched petitions to the Ministry of Education, the UMNO Overseas Club and other executive leaders of the country, the Malaysian Chinese slammed and criticized that these Malays are trying to push our country 10 years behind again.

I can assure you that this is not hearsay but the truth for I am a Malaysian Chinese myself.

Yet, when Dong Jiao Zong came out of their shell (katak keluar dari tempurung), I wonder how many Malaysian Chinese actually tell Dong Jiao Zong that they are trying to steer the country’s education policy into the stone age?

Where were the critics among the Malaysian Chinese who seem to care a lot for the country and its education?

Webpages to read (which many have read I am sure) that are related to the DJZ controversies with the main focus on Science and Maths in English as well as the New Era College problem.

1. Dong Jiao Zong threatens to strike over language issue

2. Jiao Zong warns of mammoth demo

3. Go ahead and demonstrate, Hisham tells Dong Jiao Zong

4. Aisehman - The Science and Mathematics of English

5. Lovin' the Isle: An Introduction - The Chinese Dilemma

6. Dong Jiao Zong accepts resignation of four dept heads (DJZ vs Kua Kia Soong episode)

No one seemed to talk much about it. Even MCA at that time took a neutral stand and soothed the situation by standing in between Dong Jiao Zong and the Government of Malaysia.

I can’t blame MCA for doing so. If not, the situation would have been worse since we all know the controversies surrouding DJZ and its relationship with the Government.

However, Malaysian Chinese are highly responsive when leaders of other communities start making unfavorable suggestions or demands.

The case doesn’t end here. I once read my buddy’s blog who highlighted about the controversial Fatwa involving Yoga among Muslims.

I have said in the past that Marina Mahathir’s points presented in her blog (You Can Do It As Long As You Don't Move & Tomboy, Yoga...what next?) as response to the Fatwa were very mature and convincing. Even the Royal families were not very supportive of the Fatwa.

Whatever your opinion of the Fatwa is, we all must respect the diversity and differences.

The most important thing is that we all enjoy the peace and prosperity in Malaysia which neighboring countries like Thailand and Indonesia dream of.

We always ask UMNO leaders to remember that this is a multi racial country. But what about reminding the non Malay youths that they too must respect the culture and religion of the Malay Muslims?

Not many knew that this happened. Neither did I till my friend told me about it.

After seeing that video, I have something else too. Enjoy THIS video by Namewee, the guy who rapped Negaraku. In November 2008, he found a new critic.

Namewee made it interesting this time. He slammed the Chinese education in his latest video clip. The criticism of the independent Chinese schools and the Chinese education were swiftly met with a rebuttal by My SinChew (Namewee Makes Headlines Again).

Malaysian Chinese youths of today are beginning to speak up about the Chinese education dilemma.

Of course conservatives will not like what Namewee or youths like me speak out about the challenges facing Malaysia and the Chinese community, just like how Tun Dr Mahathir faced the blazing guns of the Malays.

Someday, I will write more about the Malaysian Chinese dilemma and the future of Chinese education.

Although I am critical of the Chinese, I am not an enemy of the Chinese be it in terms of education or culture. I merely attempt to remind the Malaysian Chinese that Malaysia must continue to be peaceful and prosperous with a multiracial society.

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Jimmy Tham said...

lin peh tak paham apa dilemma cina kui are facing. DJZ is just a bunch of old hags sitting in a coffee shop reminiscing of their glorious heydays in the 80s. This is what you get when you have "in-breds" carrying office positions in DJZ. Grads from fiery chinese stream grad schools (those who couldn't get a scholarship or into gov uni) are those who are active in DJZ politics. So you get to see how things are repeat over and over again.

But I reckon the main dilemma is boh lui, not enough lui every year. lol.