Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Australian National University

On the 11th of December 2008, it was by far the most important day of my life. This was the day I graduated officially from the 16th best university in the world - The Australian National University.

I hold a Bachelor of Economics now and will proceed with my Master of Economics next year, subject to the approval of the Malaysian Government as I am sponsored by them.

A glimpse of my future, I would surely like to step into the EPU, MTEN or any Economic advisory panel related to Public Service and the Malaysian Government.

For now, let me enjoy my summer break and continue blogging.

Below are the pictures of my Graduation on the 11th of December. I was presented with the Bachelor of Economics scroll by the Pro Vice Chancellor of the Australian National University.

To begin, in the morning, a few of us had pictures taken with Chee Yeong. Sadly, he had to abort his plans to attend the ceremony as his grandfather passed away then and they had to rush home for his funeral.

He had time to spare and we took some pictures together.

The rest of the pictures are with my close friends. I do not have all the pictures yet because some of the pictures were taken with my pals' cameras.

Nevertheless, buddies you know who you are. Thank you for the memorable 3 years in ANU.

From left : Chee Yeong, Me, Liangwei, Yu Jin

From left : Me, Liangwei, Yu Jin, Haky (my Korean pal)

From left : Mohd Aimran, Me
Note : My buddy will be getting married in January. Congrats bro !

From left : Chern (former MASCA and MSO President), Me

From left : Yu Jin, Me, Liangwei, Lydia.
Note : No idea why the picture is so blur. Send me a better copy guys!

From left : Me, Liangwei, Abirami

From left : Me, mom, dad.

From left : Hazel, Me, Kar How, Liangwei

From left : Me, Yu Jin, Bakhtiar (who graduated on the 12th of December 2008)

The Australian National University Graduation Ceremony (Commerce, Business, Finance, Economics) on the 11th of December 2008.


The night ended with a celebration dinner at a Spanish Restaurant in Manuka. It was a happy moment for my family, relatives and friends.

We returned home and my family had to rush up to pack some luggage for our next part of the Australian Experience - Melbourne (6 days).

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Jimmy Tham said...

what about me ass? your 3 years of life in aust with no mention of me. knn.