Friday, December 05, 2008

The Confused Malaysians

Post March 2008 Elections

Many people from all walks of life started saying the words "a Malaysian race". These people consists of Malaysia's multiracial community. The call for a single Malaysian race were made consistently especially from the non Malays.

Politicians from the Opposition led the orchestra of criticisms targetted at Barisan Nasional's multiracial formula.

Leaders like Lim Guan Eng and Anwar Ibrahim maintained the "Malaysian Malaysia agenda" while PAS remained at the sidelines keeping mum or participating lowly in the centralised policy.

The rakyat, as claimed by many bloggers and alternative media, were supportive of the Malaysian Malaysia agenda and hated Barisan Nasional.

After seeing the big hoo-haa over Datuk Mukhriz's comments, it makes me wonder whether Malaysians really voted for Pakatan Rakyat because of their Malaysian Malaysia agenda or they were sick and tired of Barisan Nasional's flawed administration in terms of leadership, corruption and economy.

Of course UMNO, MCA and MIC have their fair share of racism elements or comments which caused us to have a polarised society.

However, comparing a multiracial policy and a Malaysian Malaysia agenda, which is actually better?

Malaysians will surely tell me a Malaysian Malaysia. But when Datuk Mukhriz tested the temperature with his comments on vernacular schools, there were so many people from among the Chinese and Indian community who stood up and defended their culture and language.

A vernacular school

Languages and cultures of the Malays, Chinese and Indians proved to be the identity of their roots of origin. They are in fact the final evidence of their roots of origin before a clear Malaysian Malaysia is shown.

In countries like Thailand, Japan and Korea, the people are nationalised. In Malaysia, the Chinese and Indians call for a Malaysian Malaysia but yet, they want to maintain the Chinese and Tamil language schools instead of participating in national schools.

Perhaps it is time the Government of Malaysia alter the Constitution to remove Federal and State support for vernacular schools and also the controversial Malay rights.

Malaysia should now progress with a blueprint that promotes national schools for unity development of the Malays, Indians and Chinese to achieve a greater level of understanding and harmony among races.

A national school with multiracial students (my beautiful alma mater SMK St Michael Ipoh)

Education is the backbone to whatever lies ahead for youths and the direction of the country with 25 million people.

Support for vernacular schools should be reduced, if and only if all races in Malaysia are asking for a united Malaysian Malaysia.

This of course does not mean making vernacular schools unlawful but subsidies from Government and private initiatives for them are allowed.

We will see whether Malaysia is ready for a Malaysian Malaysia. Otherwise, I have a life long wish that Malaysia maintains her multiracial society.

"Rakyat Malaysia yang berbilang bangsa hidup aman, damai dan harmoni"

Some parts of this article are teasers, sarcasm or honest opinions. I leave it for you to sort them out.


The Malaysian Explorer said...

Great comments anf excellent shots. Wonder if it is ok to use some of your great shots on my website


The Malaysian Explorer

Ahmad Amzar said...

"Perhaps it is time the Government of Malaysia alter the Constitution to remove Federal and State support for vernacular schools and also the controversial Malay rights."

it's better to leave to the Malays to decide whether they want to do away with their special rights or not..

plus,it's gonna be difficult for the current government to simply alter the constitution since they don't have that 2/3 majority