Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Australian Experience - Part 1

This is my first time being a tour guide. Mom came over with grandma and grandaunt in April for a month's visit around Australia and mainly a stay with my aunt.

It is different this time because mom and dad are here for a crash tour which includes my convocation in ANU.

On the 7th of December, mom and dad arrived on board Malaysia Airlines at Sydney. Their flight was delayed by an hour. Jimmy and I waited for mom and dad and went to Bondi Junction for the famous and wonderful dim sum - Kam Fook Restaurant.

I was a little bit surprised though because I had to take a number and I waited for an hour just to have a "brunch". In the end, it was lunch.

After the meal, I went on to UNSW and showed mom and dad the probable future University for me to continue my Master of Economics (since they offer a 1 year course instead of the taxing 2 year course).

Affordability is also a matter because I have to apply to continue my JPA Scholarship as a new applicant, instead of a continuing scholar and my family is just middle class.

The weather wasn't friendly then and we headed off to Travelodge Wynyard near Circular Quay. Mom and dad took a short rest and I drove them to Darling Harbour.

We walked around the lively and romantic Darling Harbour and headed to the nearby Chinatown for dinner. Then we spent the night at Darling Harbour enjoying the breathtaking views.

The next day, we woke up early and went to Sydney Harbour, which is now known as Circular Quay. The Sydney Opera House tour was worth every dollar we paid for (quite expensive) and the Harbour Cruise Highlights by Captain Cook Cruises was simply magnificent.

Halfway through, the weather became rather "fierce". We had to rush to the yummy Pancake on the Rocks through the "showers of blessings".

After a simple yet filling pancake meal, I took mom and dad to try out the Lowenbrau German Bar down the road at The Rocks. They serve pretty nice mango beer (and I can say I hate alcohol but enjoyed the mango drink).

I told dad that I wanted to show them the Opera House at night with lights but sun sets around 8.30 - 9pm in Australia these days. So we took a train to Hyde Park and sat there for a while.

Sydney Opera House at night was just superb and I love it.

On the 9th, I took my mom and dad to the Grand Pacific Drive. It is actually a tourist drive from Sydney to Wollongong (I went there with Yu Jin about three weeks ago).

We drove all the way along the coast and the Seacliff Bridge to Wollongong where we ended our road trip with a visit to the largest temple in the Southern Hemisphere - Nan Tien Temple.

After that, it was a drive along the Aussie highway to Canberra.

I will blog about Canberra soon as I will be uploading pictures where I shed a tear of happiness during my convocation (no pictures of me crying, haha!).

I sat there waiting for my turn to go up the stage while thanking my parents, my relatives and my grandparents who cared for me till I achieve all that I have today.

Looking at the list, I realised I was the only Asian with a Bachelor of Economics. There were some Asians with double degrees that include Economics. Even then, there were less than 10.

And I am proud to be an Economics graduate from ANU and I hope someday, I get to serve my country in MTEN or EPU and again hopefully in the future, as a Member of Parliament for my people.

By the way, I saw Jeff Ooi in Victoria Market a few days ago. I am quite sure it was him but I didn't approach him. I am as usual the shy type at times. Haha.

More to come soon. I think I am quite a good tour guide, eh? :)

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*chutz* said...

ooh you went to lowenbrau again! i'm glad i recommended it to you guys the last time then. it's one my favourite places in sydney :)