Thursday, January 03, 2008


I sent in my application to attend summer class on 31st October 2007 via fax to PPL Sydney. Approximately on 17th December , I received a call from JPA's officer wanting to clarify my reasons for applying for JPA's permission to do summer class and to obtain certain clarification from the office of ANU.

As I was about to fly off to HK on the night of 18th Dec, I urgently sent an email to ANU and brought my laptop along to HK. Didn't have time to go online while in HK but I managed to get the email from ANU for clarification and to be forwarded to JPA . Encik R told me on 26th Dec that he received my email and told me I can check my results with Cik A up till 28th Dec.

I was in HK that morning before heading off to Ocean Park. I gave a call to Cik A about 8.30am and she told me that she needed time to clarify with Finance dept. I was told to call back at 11am. Well, I couldn't really reach her till 3pm. And she told me "Oh...your case ... we need to bring it to the meeting for discussion, so call back sometime next week".

I was abit mad and told her that summer class in ANU starts on 7th January and till today I have no confirmation .... so when do you expect me to make my travel arrangements !? She said she understands but this case must be discussed in meeting first.

So I patiently waited till yesterday ... and finally got my confirmation and green light from Encik R after much trouble of pestering and explaining that there is no more time for them to have any funny time consuming meeting when my class starts on the coming Monday !!

Thankfully, I have a seat for a flight on Saturday .... so yeah.... sadly I am going home. There are lots of people I wanna meet .....

Well well , studies remain the priority. Will meet all of you good people some time !

Anyway, a few days ago while I was at my grandma's sundry shop in Ipoh Garden, I saw right in front of my car an incident that made me chuck the newspaper and handphone in my hand right away ! A very very old lady was walking and fell a few metres away from my car. She lost her balance.

I quickly helped her with another Pak Cik. Then she demanded me to send her home .... which I did not agree because she could not even stand back up and was groaning in pain. I quickly called my grandmother and relatives out from the shop to help. They slowly helped her sit at a wooden stool at the road and I blocked the road off. My grandma knows the old lady's daughter so she went down the street to call her.

My God ... this daughter of hers started scolding that old lady for not bringing a tongkat out etc. So mom changed the topic and said we should call paramedics and send her over to the hospital. The daughter requested me to send them back and she will later take her mother to the clinic or sinseh. But the old lady keep telling me and my sis she is in pain and that her daughter did not want to buy rice for her, so she had to walk out herself to eat lunch. So pitiful .... but the daughter did not hear the old lady commenting bad about her .... otherwise she would have scolded her more !

Mom called an ambulance and the old lady was later transferred to the hospital. At night, we heard news that the old lady needed operation for her bone.... it was either fractured or broken at the hips. Sigh ... I was glad I helped her and did not send her home .... and stayed with her all the while..... but I was seriously annoyed with her daughter for shouting at the old mother in public....

Ok enough of my side. Now for Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek's story, I don't know what to say. It might be true that it is inevitable for him to resign. Otherwise, everywhere he goes and everything he wanna implement, people will say "Eleh... Datuk Seri bukannya tak pernah buat salah". His authority will never be the same ... his instructions and orders will never be properly done anymore ... thus comes the "compulsory" resignation which MCA might have played a hand in during the emergency presidential meeting.

But to me, never ever have I seen such a good Minister, at least in my family's eyes. He has done alot for the public's health and safety. From hospital issues to healthy diets to daily consumption dangers of imported and domestic food, he took a personal interest and took care of us. He was the Malaysian Doctor. Not a Doctor by name, not a Health Minister by name, but also a Doctor of all Malaysians in daily life.

I commend him for his dedicated work in public service. His personal life is his issue. He was elected a leader not because he is married or he is single or he has a girlfriend or he is divorced or he had pre marital sex etc. He was given the portfolio because he was hardworking and dedicated and he can deliver the desired results.

I believe whichever hotel that was negligent and ignorant enough to allow spycams in hotels be suspended from daily operations. Suspend and ban these hotel operators for good. Charge them in court. I assure you if any foreign leaders or Prime Ministers were to be in that room or any other hotel with their wives or other women, DVDs might also appear on the streets.

What then will happen ? George Bush might be sending his super troops and BOOM BAM BOOM !! Sayonara Malaysia ! That will be the time where Malaysia is truly "Tanah Tumpah Darahku".

This time the victim is Datuk Seri CSL. I don't care whether it is politically motivated, a set up or not. The main question is whether hotel rooms are still safe for us to sleep in, to take bath, to change our clothes, etc ? How can we be sure we are not being filmed changing our clothes ?

Women and children will begin to be targetted. I believe if there is a first case, there will be more idiots who wanna make a quick buck through pornography and start spying on people through hotels.

A sad scenario for Datuk Seri CSL .... and a worrying one for other politicians and the public.

That's all for this time's "News". Good nite !

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