Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm Fine

Helo my dear friends and readers. I am all right and back alive ! Wei Liang is not one who easily gives up !

So yes ... thank you to all of you who messaged and called me .... I am fine now and all things are restored to normal .

Well , many things are happening in Malaysia. Elections coming soon ? Many say it will be in March but why not April ? Pak Lah has always said of fair elections etc. We might not be surprised to see him giving Anwar a chance in April. You will never know !

Anyway, I am surprised had my blog entry about The Star's Reputation Massively Discounted. Haha. Thanks Amzar for letting me know ... I didnt notice it though I always visit KMU to read up.

Hmm ... I am currently busy with my studies and exams are coming soon in about two weeks. I just hope the bomohs are right and Sharlinie will be located ASAP . Good to hear that the authorities are sweeping parts of Selangor to find this kid.

I sure hope there are game theorists and mathematicians like the ones we see in Numbers involved. They can surely help to find the best method to screen houses and areas. Otherwise, it will be like the cat-mouse game of hide and seek. And that wouldn't be too efficient right ?

I am surprised to learn about Malaysia having a surplus of 11% in an article published in 2007. It was highlighted in my International Business class recently. Surplus are good to repay public debts but deficits are not that bad too. Statistics always show growths here and there. But are the public's wallet really fattening ?

I don't think so my friends. Before I came back, I went to my usual Indian barber. I always do! Well, I went to a hair saloon operated by those Chinese ladies and had a bad experience when I was young. They accidentally cut my flesh around my neck.

And I never visited any of these saloons anymore. I always feel that Indian barbers are experts. Haha. Anyway, this barber was asking me how is Australia etc. Then he started saying Malaysia is bad, and the only rich countries in Asia are Singaporea and Japan.

I could sense that he is still "hot and fresh" from the Hindraf and Indian issues. I didn't want to comment much until he blamed it on issues accumulating since Dr Mahathir's administration. He even said that recently papers published that Tun had a house in Perth.

Well, as far as I know, the recent news of Perth house was Datuk Patrick Lim and Pak Lah and so I told him what I knew. As far as I know, I don't remember hearing about Tun having a house in Perth , what more to say "in a recently published article" though I was told that Tun's grandkids are in Melbourne for studies by officials in Australia.

But I don't know what was wrong with him, he was a little hot headed that day and said there is nothing in Malaysia, corruption, poor development etc.

I would say that the coming General Elections will be an interesting one. We are all feeling the pinch. Wealth gaps are widening. Household incomes below RM3000 can barely survive in KL. Kids need to go to the school, car petrol and maintenance, food bills, medical bills, utilities bill, loans and rents.

Even my barber is getting quite mad already. It is not funny hearing me talking about a barber. These are the people who will vote. Walk around the market, walk around the hawker shops, walk around the shops and go to the barber, go to the fishmonger etc. Hear what they say. These are accurate public sentiments.

Hear what the students say. They will tell you what they feel and what they think about our wallets, our welfare now in Malaysia.

Barisan Nasional members should not just go around meeting their association and organization members. Don't just visit The Pavillion, Bukit Bintang or KLCC. Go around to rural areas. Act cool and drink a cup of teh tarik from the warung. Get some roti canai, noodles or curry. Hear what they tell you.

And don't go around doing polls. Cause I don't think you will like the figures and it will be hard for spin doctors to spin the figures this time.

I can't wait for the GE ! I am anxious to see the results and I hope there will always be a beautiful mechanism of democracy at work and political stability forever in Malaysia.

We pray for you Malaysia. Let us move on after the GE and progress like we did in the 80s and 90s.

All right. That is all for today. I am tired now and I have work to do. Once again, thanks guys !

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amzar said...

so,u've read my msn msgs after's a recognition to u,u noe?keep it up man,u r making Michaelians proud la..hehe

anyway,i'll also be having my exams in 2 weeks time,around 10 more papers to go!after that,i'll be off to,good luck in ur exams,n ganbare!!