Saturday, October 20, 2007

Nitty witty issue ?

SPCA is stepping up on their efforts relative to animals . These days , I receive newsletters from SPCA after my email to the President of SPCA Malaysia condemning the inhumane and illogical act of Datuk Tang and the Council of Selayang recently .

I stress again my disapproval against the actions of Datuk Tang and the Director of MPS . News lately from SPCA's newly established blog reveal all about the Animals Department of our local councils . Not sure what these department are called ... I think should be Bahagian Perlesenan dan Haiwan or something like that .

Wow . The way the dogs are caged and treated ? That is really bad , Sir ( Director of MPS ) ! I understand that dogs are not in line with the Muslim religion . I shall not step foot into religious issues . It is scientifically true that some dogs are not clean and dangerous . Religious wise , I am a Muslim religion friend . However , I believe religion teaches us to be humane and to treat all creations of God like our properties . The dogs in the cages of MPS seem to be wet all the time , even young puppies !!! Their food is constantly soaked wet in water filled bowls !!

Read the blog .... and you will understand . If you drop a comment telling me "Oh ... so what if they are treated like that ?" , then I seriously dont know what to say to your inhumane and satanic heart .

Innocent animals and puppies having to suffer like that ? And the latest news release from SPCA tells us about the many feline in SPCA . They look adorable , young and innocent . Cats you know ? Sigh .

Malaysians are a useless lot of people when it comes to animals . We are not at all educated about being responsible owners . We are not properly advised of the right channel to go through , the consequences ... the feelings of other species .

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