Saturday, October 20, 2007

How Disappointing

Wow . Didn't know the Malaysian Council elections in ACT were over already today . I initially had an intention to run for office . Anyway , forget it . Disappointing of me not to check the dates .

Well well . Yeam was surprised why I wasn't in MSO committee . Not surprising for a demotivated guy like me . I don't see the purpose of running for office here among ACT Malaysian students . Simply because the activities are traditional . We have Malam Kenduri , Malam Merdeka , Hawker Night , Dessert Nite , and some other night . That's all we have . All food .

Haha . Not my type of organization and the way things are run around .... its certainly not my type . Hmm .... well well ...

Just came back from Dickson Shops ... ate some vegetarian food , bought some sauces to cook for the weeks to come . And there are about four weeks left before I fly home to Malaysia !!

Will be in Ipoh beginning 17th November night . But wont meet up with friends till perhaps 20th November ? Need some time to rest and meet my grandma , aunts , spend time with parents .

Perhaps might drop by KL some day I hope ? Then go up to Penang and Sungai Petani for a while . After that ... head off to HK for family holz .... and then back to Australia in January for summer school !

Packed days .... very limited days in Malaysia this time . Sigh . How disappointing to think about all these events .

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