Saturday, October 20, 2007

Kegilaan "Senior Vice President UMNO"

I believe in the principles of Barisan Nasional . The many pillars that hold firm the unity of the country formed and seated together in Barisan Nasional .

Many have forgotten the challenges BN faced . Many have forgotten the sacrifices of the main founding fathers of BN .

Read this here . Malaysiakini reports the same . Even TheStar reported it . But RPK is a political analyst and he is the cousin of Sultan of Selangor . I believe he has the credibility ... with support from TheStar's news as evidence of this case .

Datuk Ali Rustam .... memang tak betullah kalau Datuk nak kata macam itu . I know that the PPP President and its Youth Chief are troublesome at times . Datuk Kayveas is always having issues with Gerakan , with DAP ... now with UMNO . I know that the PPP Youth Chief was impolite to shout out "Give us back our seats" right at the assembly hall when the event was crawling on .

I do not know whether that sparked off the craziness trapped in Datuk Ali . Maybe his position as CM of Malacca is too strenuous and driving him nuts ? I don't know . Maybe the demands by PPP are pressuring him ? I don't know . Only you know what happened to yourself Datuk Ali .... I think you are formally known as Datuk Wira Ali Rustam ?

Yeah . You have just crashed your votes from PPP's members ... perhaps if this news spread out .... I don't think MCA and MIC like you to be the CM next term . You might be sent into early retirement if the other components of BN launch an official protest .

Not even PAK LAH will side you for being so power crazy and foregoing unity among BN . PPP might be small compared to MCA and MIC or Gerakan . But don't forget what happened to TDM when he lost in Kedah once ... he lost due to the sway of 3000 Chinese votes .

In elections , every vote is important , Datuk Wira Ali Rustam . Image is important . There was once a quote I read on politics . Politics is about perception of the candidate ... substance is just a decoration . Sir ... you have just created a great hoo haa for yourself .

Words have been said . The damage is done . It is impossible to tell your Media Secretary to come out and fix things . I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E .... !!! Maybe you should ponder early retirement Sir !

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