Sunday, July 09, 2006

'Googled' Gevi Spa

I sent an email to TheStar with regards to Gevi Spa . Haha . Was reading Tengku Mahaleel's recent interview transcripts and suddenly something popped up in my mind . The power of GOOGLE ! Wanted to use it to search for Gevi Spa and see what is Tun Dr Mahathir and Tengku Mahaleel fussing about on this company . They keep saying who is this Gevi Spa and what is their core business and stuff and they keep demanding for the Government to answer these questions .

Then I googled 'gevi spa' and found nothing except articles on their purchase of MV Augusta at 1 Euro ! Where is the official website like Dell , MV Augusta , Petronas , Nestle , Citibank ? Even the small chain of bookstore University Bookstores Malaysia has their own website ! Surprising ? Not yet . I thought maybe Google did not enlist into their database the ever great and popular Gevi Spa . So I went to The Star and searched for the publication of Proton's reply to Dr Mahathir last month . They did mention about Gevi Spa . Know how it was mentioned ? '...Proton was subsequently approached by Gevi SpA, which was related to an Italian bank....'. That was it !

I was like ... ' Ha !?! What !? Wah ! Like that arr !? '

Next time I am being asked what Petronas is , I will say it is related to the Malaysian Government ? What is ANU ? It is related to the Commonwealth Government ?

Hmm . No idea . Anyway , below is the article I sent to The Star .

Just a while ago , I read online about the latest interview given by Tengku Mahaleel . Of course , as expected , Tengku Mahaleel will be attacking with his firm stand and opinions on Proton .

In the transcripts of the interview , I kept reading the name Gevi Spa . So I decided to 'google' the words Gevi Spa . I was hoping that I can read more about Gevi Spa from their online website as I was curious . It is the same as we 'google' Dell or MV Augusta and we can see the Dell or MV Augusta official website link on the top of the search page .

However , I was disappointed that there were no websites linked to Gevi Spa . The keywords of Gevi Spa 'googled' and produced by the search engine directed me to pages of news articles and blogs on Gevi Spa's 1 Euro purchase of MV Augusta .

So , I am curious about this Gevi Spa . I am very interested to find out more about it . Can anyone from the public or authorities tell us more about Gevi Spa?

Thanks !

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