Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Something Is Cooking Indeed

Something is cooking indeed . Firstly , my private life .

Hmm . Sue Ann my dear is coming to Australia in August !!

Haha . That’s so nice . Yeah . Sorry mates , she’s mine , I found her earlier than you guys did . Haha . Yeah . Can’t wait to take you around Sue Ann !!

Next , my tummy . Ahuh , it feels weird . Sigh . The food is jumping around , spinning around inside me . This is so terrible . Just ended my three weeks holidays in Malaysia . Yep yep . Went back home and it was so warm !

Good thing about Canberra at least for now is that the weather is just nice for me , cold and relaxing . But I miss Malaysian food . Curry , sambal , anchovies , mom’s cooking , noodles , dim sum ….. sigh . Never mind .

Forget it . I will just wait for 4 more months and continue enjoying myself in Malaysia end of the year .

I miss my brothers Fluffy and Snoopy , cute shih tzus ! And my pet tortoise !! Sigh , miss my mom , dad , sister , everyone , Sue Ann too ... sigh . All alone here . Sad sad ….

Malaysia is heating up politically too . Let me put it systematically .

- Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar ( Foreign Minister ) was warned by a Head of UMNO Division( I think it is PJ ) that he will not receive any nominations for the Supreme Council seat election soon .

- Datuk Zahid Hamidi ( Deputy Information Minister ) was attacked in University Malaya by a Malaysian Chinese student when he was defending Pak Lah’s policies and why Mahathir is making so much noise when in fact he should be encouraging the new intakes to study hard and excel . Know how the question sounded like ? "Adakah wajar Datuk bercakap memperkecilkan seorang pemimpin yang telah menyumbangkan jasa bakti selama 22 tahun untuk negara ini?"

- A banner supporting Dr Mahathir was spotted in University Malaya ( two in fact ) and it caused a panic among the admin of UM . This took place shortly before Datuk Zahid Hamidi’s arrival .

- A few UMNO members queried two Ministers and one Johor MP who were representing the Supreme Council in explaining Dr Mahathir – Pak Lah issue in Hotel Nikko . They asked about the bridge , why it was scrapped when Pak Lah and Syed Hamid ( a lawyer ) was strongly for the bridge a few days before they kicked it aside . These were met with cheers by 600 UMNO members . Another UMNO member requested that NST be brought forth to UMNO Supreme Council to be judged as he claimed that NST caused the rift with their biased and untruths in their reporting .

- There is a Dr Mahathir supporters club at . This webpage was set up by mainly University students , though I believe there are many UMNO folks , businessmen and professionals out there who supported the setting up of this .

For those of you who always think I am wrong , and I am crazy to support Dr Mahathir or that I am too fanatic , it is all up to you . What you read in papers are all manipulated to make you read what they want you to read . But many UMNO members still know what is happening , what is their former boss fussing about and what is the truth . Many Malaysians too , especially in University Malaya .

Did TheStar and NST tell you about the banners in UM ? Nope . But it is the truth . There are picture evidences .

So you still think I am nuts to support Mahathir ? I am too crazy ? It is not true . I am just passionate about my country . I don’t think I am the type who criticize my country and leave it to fall .

I stay with my country , the place where I was given life and opportunity and where I grew up with my family . I am with Malaysia and Mahathir’s vision all the way . Sorry if we have different opinions , but this is the way I live .

Long live Malaysia , cheers to our country’s independence and sovereignty , my best wishes to Dr Mahathir and my fellow Malaysians .

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