Saturday, July 01, 2006

There Is No Right or Wrong , Just Different !

The bridge issue is not a small issue . It is a matter which we must look into as well . By having a new bridge , we will be able to increase traffic flow into Johor . Business will be better down South of Malaysia . Perhaps . It is just a perception .

Vision 2020 is merely a doctrine , a piece of vision and visions , missions , aspirations can never be achieved without proper management of the country .

The world's academicians do researches on importance of corruption free states , significances of abuse of powers and other various studies . There might be a clear case of abuse of power and dictatorship , if not 'dynastyship' . But more importantly it might be a long term abuse of power .

Are the academicians wrong to harp upon cases of abuse of power and stress upon the importance of an ethical and justifiable administration ? I do not think so . We will be rather foolish to think of a road's damage as minor and should instead focus on repairing the highways .

Humans are special you see . We learn and gain knowledge not from religious teachings only . We gather our information and divine knowledge from apples falling from trees , the behaviour of ants , the characteristics of gorillas and apes .

These itsy bitsy stuff make our lives complete and full . The present government must explain the issues brought up . It is unavoidable . Just because the media and his team of political advisors have portrayed him as a fatherly gentleman does not constitute him with the right to remain silent .

Just because Dr Mahathir was seen as a loud and vocal leader does not mean that he is obliged to answer questions and issues raised as well . Be just and fair . Dr Mahathir was treated and fought by many in UMNO and out there . Yet he answered all the waves of attacks on him like a man and a true Malay hero ( as Matthias Chang said ) .

I believe Pak Lah or his administration has to answer as well . The media today said that Dr Mahathir was the one who started the sand issue . Yes it is true . Dr Mahathir started the sand sales to Singapore . But no way does it mean that sand is part and parcel of the negotiations for the bridge construction initiated by Dr Mahathir . In no way , my friend . In no particular manner did it happen .

Are we moving towards the era of North Korea ? Is that what we want ? Eat , sleep , and pray and hope for another bright and sunny day ? Life is not the same anymore . We have moved on from being contented to being materialistic . We have moved on from minding our own business to nosy busybodies . That is human evolution .

But again , politicians exist to ensure the government machinery runs as smooth as silk and in a proper manner , be it small or large or gigantic or minute issues . It does not matter . There are no guidelines for check and balances .

Check and balances exist in a natural manner with no limitations and boundaries of issues and methods .

Thus , I believe Mr Fauzi's (a good friend of mine who is active in my blog) philosophy contradicts with mine but then there is no right or wrong opinions , just different . Here I stand true and I believe check and balances should exist with no limitations and guidelines as long as it is in an ethical and lawful manner .

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sueann said...

geee..u sound like yr debating in yr firing ppl ni.. chill wei