Friday, September 25, 2009

Reemergence of the DVD in MCA

I refer to the articles published

1. ‘Third force’ re-distributing sex DVD: MCA’s Ti (The Star)
2. Third Force Emerged (Ti Lian Ker)
3. Chua sex video resurfacing won’t make a difference: Wee (The Star)

I share the majority's opinion that Dr Chua Soi Lek has done alot for the Malaysian Government as a Minister and for MCA as a member and leader.

However, the recent reemergence of the DVD on Dr Chua can be interpreted as a warning as to how the Party will be seen in the future if the political tussle sees the rise of Dr Chua to lead.

It shows how easy it is for others (be it in the country or internationally) to use the DVD as an introduction to the politician/leader in the future.

As much as we dislike the DVD reemergence today since we all appreciate the contributions of Dr Chua to MCA and the Health Ministry, we must not discount the major points such as image and principles.

How do we want people to see our Government and the Malaysian Chinese Association ? It is for you to decide.

Third force or not, this is the main point MCA members must consider.


justice4otk said...

The storyline is the same here . Circulate your own DVD and blame it on your opponent , OTK in this case , hurl all sorts of accusations and keep on saying that it was done by OTK's supporters . This is calculated to instill maximum damage to the party and arousing the anger of Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek's sympathisers against Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat . Make the central delegates angry and get the central delegates vote for him CSL , that's what they want .

He CSL also said without hestitation , the DVD was sent from Bukit Mertajam based on the post mark . Would a guy who send the DVD do it from his own place ? knowing very well the first thing to look would be the place where it was sent ? So this is obviously sent by his own people under instruction to be sent from Bukit Mertajam . On most cases they would have been distributed and posted from various parts of the country , including overseas to avoid detection . Perhaps the police forensic could help trace the fingerprints left behind on the envelope and on the dvd to determine the culprit .

rest of article here:

Anonymous said...


If you can try not to comment in that lady blog, they are not sporting. That fellow WMW have no substances and only brave in that block protected by the lady. Anyway if you read between line, looks like the lady is having a personal grudge with somebody in MCA, I believe is a blogger and using her blog to wallop him as well as MCA, that the type of people you are dealing with.

Anonymous said...

Wei Liang read here they are bashing you

Anonymous said...

This blog marcheebaimar or marcheebai is own by a veluktangachi wanting for someone to nick her chib**

Anonymous said...


Be careful, those people are cyberspace ruffians who does not have substances to debate but resort to taunting and provocation with their name calling to shut off people who disagree with them. They cannot agree to disagree, yet they are preaching freedom of speech, clearly these hypocrites are from PR.

Goh Wei Liang said...

Thank you for the advice and concern my friends. This is not the first time some blogger (or the same blogger) attempts to play the immaturity card. I have faced such situations before and I believe I can handle it.

We stand for what we believe and for what we speak.

Thank you once again !

justice4otk said...


One the MCA EGM is over , we will give you all the support in countering these die hard fans of the Pakatan Rasuah .

Goh Wei Liang said...

J4otk, thanks for the support.

Personally, I dont need it as I feel that we should write what we believe in. If other bloggers do not accept our views and instead of countering it they choose to attack with immaturity posts, then the demerits and losses are theirs.

We shall continue writing and posting our thoughts in what we believe in.

Thank you anyway !