Sunday, September 13, 2009

MCA - Agenda for Change (Part 4)

A PIECE OF MY MIND will dedicate the month long period to MCA's crisis and lay the foundations for thoughts when the time to decide comes.

This will be Part Four - The Accusations

KDSB Flights

Press Statement (by Simon Lim for Tee Keat) on KDSB Private Jet

“On Aug 12, Faisal claimed that Ong owed US$40,000 for chartered flights. Then, he changed his tune when he found out that those jets cannot be hired since the company does not have the license (Air Operators’ Certificate) to do so. He then came up with the US$10,000 figure being for fuel and airport charges on Aug 13. At a press conference the same day, Faisal changed his position again saying that it was just based on an ‘understanding’ which has yet to be substantiated."

Yes, Tee Keat has openly admitted for taking the flights as he needed to fly to places on 3 or 4 occasions as MCA President.

In his capacity as a politician and not a representative Minister of the Cabinet, Tee Keat is not allowed to use the fleet of Malaysian Govt owned chopper or jets.

As such, he used the KDSB one and since there are no invoices officially, Tee Keat has also offered to pay the RM 100k for the flights himself.

That should answer any doubts about the KDSB "free flights". This case should end here and deemed irrelevant for further discussion.

RM 10 million story

As for the RM 10 million donation, I do not know the truth as I am not the right hand man of either Tee Keat or Tiong. I guess only both of them and their aides know the truth.

However, it was said to be in cash and in 3 instalments if I am not mistaken. RM 10 million is not a small sum. I read some questions once posted in OutSyed The Box.

"RM10.0 million is a lot of money. Does Tiong King Sing have any evidence that he gave the RM10.0 million? I am sure that amount of money was not handed over in a wheel barrow. There must be some record, some bank transfer. So how exactly was the money transferred? "


Malaysia's highest denomination of bills come in RM 100 sheets. If each instalment is about RM 3.3 million ringgit, that comes to about 33,000 sheets of RM 100.

I have never seen cash more than RM 1000. But I am quite sure 33,000 sheets of RM 100 is not easy to bring around or even count.

Thankfully the "accusations" did not go around saying that the RM 10 million was passed on to Tee Keat in one go. That will mean 100,000 sheets of RM 10.

To get so many sheets of RM 100 bills is not easy and involves banks. Of course, we cannot also walk straight up to any bank branch and say "I want RM 10 million in RM 100 bills right away".

Moreover, this is assuming the bills are in RM 100 denominations. If it is RM 50, it will take 66,000 sheets of RM 50 for RM 3.3 million and 200,000 sheets of RM 50 for RM 10 million.

If the person who transported the cash, i.e. Tiong's aide, comes out with his own declaration and witness statement, we cannot justify such an accusation based on words said or a Statutory Declaration.

The law or code of ethics provide benefit of the doubt to the accused until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

Use some logic and sense please when we debate and let us not be stubborn. As a President and as a Minister, Tee Keat has done no wrong and he has my full support.

Note : My final piece on MCA - Agenda for Change will be a reflection for all Barisan Nasional and especially MCA members. It will be posted soon.


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justice4otk said...

RM 10 million story ???


Two times mentioned Korean cars , not other makes , Malaysia got only Korean cars , three times not able to give the car registration , three times mentioned bonnet instead of boot, you don't keep money in the engine compartment . Siapa boleh percaya ? Who can believe this crap story ? Hantu tipu sahaja boleh percaya cerita kau !! Only the cheats , liars , swindlers can believe this crap story !!
All the three transfers have no date mentioned , don't you think it's strange when you write a statement or SD you would say On this date at this time , I was asked to deliver two boxes of fruits , Sarawakian apples to so and so in this place ...I was asked to deliver to anyone who drives a Korean car and who stops near my car ...The car number is HSBC 799 ...blah...blah ..blah.( hsbc is how seow bo choon ) and the 799 stands for chit (7 )se lang 99 chan .
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Tak paya leak polis sahaja , lebih senang ! kau takut make false polis report ???

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accusations must first be proved!! an man is innocent until proven guilty!