Wednesday, September 23, 2009

MCA Central Committee

“Do not allow the party to be used as an instrument only by the president in his fight. It is a party for all members and let the delegates decide the future of the leaders and direction of the party,”

On the central committee’s (CC) decision to suspend him for four years, Dr Chua said: “Are they trying to say the CC is more supreme than the extraordinary general meeting (EGM)?”

MCA will hold an EGM on Oct 10 to
solve a crisis plaguing the party.

“I will leave it to the wisdom of the MCA delegates to decide my fate and I believe they will make a wise decision in the interest of the party,” he said.


When I first read this news, I was disappointed. MCA over the years have been accused of a conspirator in the PKFZ scandal which costs RM 4.6 billion now from the original plan of RM 1.1 billion.

In fact, MCA has approximately RM 2 billion in assets now - most of which were contributed by NGOs, politicians, the Malaysian Chinese community as well as business under Huaren Holdings ever since the establishment of the Party. (I stand corrected)

Only one man stood up and defended the Party when he said - MCA has never been involved in PKFZ.

No one else came up to say "Tee Keat we walk with you" until now where MCA members and supporters of Barisan Nasional finally rise to fight for the truth.

As President of MCA, indeed he has his powers over the various panels in the party.

However, the Central Committee have seasoned politicians on board and it will be a terrible insult if Dr Chua's words imply that Tee Keat exploits the Central Committee or the Party.

This can only be done if the panel and the Party consists of puppets and Yes Men only.

In any case, the Central Committee is above any one man in the Party and they were all democratically elected by the delegates as well as chosen by the leadership.

That is the message of the Central Committee I believe and the idea of Central Committee being more supreme than an EGM holds no water as the decision made will not affect the EGM.

Just like the Supreme Council and the Disciplinary Board of UMNO, Central Committee of MCA is no different where these bodies lie higher than any single man and are the heartbeat of the respective Parties which they represent.

As a former Cabinet member and a Deputy President of MCA as well as the BN Chief Coordinator, Dr Chua knows truly well the mix between politics and Party .

Ong Tee Keat as the President of MCA carries the burden and portfolio as the leader of a party. As such, his words and actions in absolute terms reflect the Party's stand, image and leadership.

Tee Keat has lost his option of privacy and independent political path when he decided to take office as President of MCA and dedicate his life to serve the country.

One cannot separate his life - private from public, politics from party - when elected and given the office of MCA President or in fact as leader of any political organization with public interests.

Just like how Najib cannot separate his personal political path from his position as Prime Minister of Malaysia and President of UMNO.

It is like telling Obama that his politics is his alone and not the White House's business or even the Democratic Party's or in a smaller scope - Najib and UMNO.

Dr Chua must not stoop low to create the impression that Tee Keat has blurred the lines and imply that Tee Keat abused his power by using the weight of MCA.

MCA members will make themselves heard soon where members who love the Party know well that the Party is above any one man.

I wonder if the Party delegates and members will continue to receive praises from Dr Chua if the EGM on October 10th does not turn out in favour of him.

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justice4otk said...

Desperate man speaks not using his brains but thru his emotions . Obviously he is in a very desperate position and he's counting his last days before going into oblivion .

The CC is also made up of the Presidential Council and that includes the President himself .

The decision of the CC has no effect on the EGM which has been fixed and the resolutions accepted . So what is CSL talking , I don't know . What I know is he has been criss-crossing the whole country , but people have made up their minds .