Saturday, September 05, 2009

MCA - Agenda for Change (Part 1)

A PIECE OF MY MIND will dedicate the month long period to MCA's crisis and lay the foundations for thoughts when the time to decide comes.

This will be Part One - Save MCA Campaign.

Over the past few months, we have heard that many leaders are unhappy with Ong Tee Keat's leadership.

In fact, my guess is these whispers began right after Ong Tee Keat was voted in as President of MCA by 1429 delegates and Chua Soi Lek voted in as Deputy President by 1115 delegates.

(Read on and you will get my smokey message)

These were initially whispers but ever since the official release of the unedited PKFZ audit report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the whispers became louder.

One particular group was always in the news headlines in the mainstream media, in blogs and in online news portals.

"Save MCA Campaign/Movement". Initially, the objective was known by many as a movement to revive MCA and to save MCA from poor leadership during Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting's era.

Don't remember ? This shall refresh your memory - Save MCA Campaign kicks off in Ipoh (April 7, 2008).

Ever since Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting stepped down and Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat was elected in as President, the Save MCA Campaign did not fizzle out.

Read - Group to oust Ong in tit-for-tat move (Aug 27, 2009)

Those involved in the Save MCA Campaign had to search for a new dartboard. Ong Tee Keat was placed in the shooting range and now, the Save MCA movement is getting more vocal than before.

In fact, the Save MCA Campaign can be rephrased as "Oust Ong Tee Keat Movement".

One need not be a genius to see through such things. The Save MCA Campaign might as well be renamed as "Jobs Street MCA Campaign" or "Dr Chua for President Camapaign".

We can also pose a question as to what are the real motives of the Save MCA Campaign. Someone even asked me what is Datuk Theng Book getting by doing such things.

I honestly do not know. But I do know for sure one thing.

By attacking and removing the President of MCA, almost the whole Presidential Council together with many Central Committee members, Branch leaders and State leaders will be sent off too.

There will be dozens of open positions to fill when that happens - Ministers, Deputy Ministers, State EXCOs, Political Secretaries, councillors, Political Aides, State MCA Chiefs, Bureau Heads, etc.

All these come with salary, allowances, bonuses and many other perks that will only go to the pockets of those who are aligned to the new President.

Please, don't tell me Dr Chua will maintain Ong Tee Keat as the Transport Minister if he managed to displace the incumbent.

In words they say Save MCA Campaign.

But when MCA was blasted, slapped and trashed by members of the party, by the Opposition and by fellow BN politicians when it comes to education policies and the handling of the PKFZ scandal (which is totally a hot potato handed down to Ong Tee Keat), where were these vocal voices who said they love MCA ?

I hear no Datuk Theng Book. I hear no Dr Chua Soi Lek. I hear none of these "grassroot leaders" saying "Tee Keat, we walk the talk with you !".

This is clearly what Datuk Ti Lian Ker has described of what some members' thoughts are :

"On one hand, we supported the Minister of Transport to continue his agenda of transparency and accountability. On the other hand , it was advocated that we stay away from Ong Tee Keat and watch him being attacked or sieged for discharging his responsibility as a Minister in an MCA portfolio whereby his predecessors had made a mess and had shamed the party, MCA."

So is it really a Save MCA Campaign ? Who is the one causing disunity in the party since early 2008 ? Do you honestly think Ong Tee Keat is the one ?


justice4otk said...

Bro WL

Let them have the last hurrah to shioK themselves . Let them make mistakes after mistakes ...

Let them expose themselves and show to Malaysians how dumb and stupid they are . He is as I say a useless pig with no brains , just plain stupid for a lawyer , so is it he has been fed sweeteners to rejuvenate his brain cells ?

I know him quite well during the last campaign , but he appears to me as " boh liau " when he said Jimmy Chua cannot win because he had a moustache . I wonder what has moustache got to do with winning ? And he had the cheek to ask Jimmy to shave it off .

We are keeping quiet while getting our supporters on standby . While what they are doing is akin to what we say "" Empty Vessels Make Most Noise "" empty inside ..right !
What is important right now is the roadshow to explain everything to the MCA members and delegates ..not who hah ! and bad publicity which is what the MSM and alternate media wants to highlight and promote ..good for their bank accounts ..but plain stupidity .

Just like recently Lim Guan Eng tried to make the MCA look bad at a speech in a temple gathering . He referred to MCA as Mau Cari Angpow ..and was nearly punch by by one of the guests who felt that was insulting as they wanted to keep politics out of a temple gathering .

Subsequently the MCA countered back by calling the DAP as Dapat Ang Pow . I would rather call them as Deceive All People thru the lies and half truths .

wong said...

put yr house in order first before comenting on others..m c a made itself a laughing stock ...what does theng book get ? he has been a pain in the ass all these years..sneaked himself into micheal chong office ..playing senior legal adviser...get publicity..perhaps since u wnat to know more...check it out at perak sedc ..theng book n gang tried to get 1000 acres of land from i c t..n till date havent paid the premium ...some tips!@

justice4otk said...

check it out at perak sedc ..theng book n gang tried to get 1000 acres of land from i c t..n till date havent paid the premium ...some tips!@

Wong , we would appreciate if you could give us the web page add as I could not find it searching the perak sedc .

please post it at

Thanks for the tips .

wong said...

theng book did a brokering deal to bring in taiwanese raise funds he intend to use this technology to get the land...a story line...with the previous menteri besar...he intend to use the land as collateral ..ask around in perak..dato shamsuddin the sedc chief? there u can get info?
on yr justice for ong tee kiat..i met him 2001 over a dinner am impressed by his principles ,,,there are ways around these so called saved m c a...! they are working along for bloc votes..power brokers division chief are "cornered" with appointment of local councillor position ,jkkk and others?
wnat some ideas how to beat these goliaths?

Goh Wei Liang said...

wong, good to hear you sharing information with us. we however need concrete evidence and if you have any, please forward it to my email.

for further news or confirmation, you can also write up a comment at and the blogger will correspond with you.

thank you for sharing with APOMM once again.

Anonymous said...

I am usually very supportive and appreciative of your pieces. But I fail to see how this piece is informed journalism. The facts are difficult to fathom, let alone justify.

The continued confusion (and convolution) between OTK's ministerial duties towards PKFZ and his role in the party doesn't get any clearer in your post.

As for the Save MCA Campaign, sure its typical spin from politicians but it clues us in on how some (whatever the number)strongly disagree with OTK's style, tactics and decisions. I understand in any democracy you would always have your detractors, but seldom are they this strong and resolute IF you prove to be at least respected or mildly inspiring as a leader.

Now, while I remain undecided about the facts of this situation, or CSL credence to take on political prominence, I am personally leaning towards the conclusion that OTK has not done what is necessary as a leader of a party, nor actually has he done much for the PKFZ investigation (Ok now I am confusing minister dutes and party prezzie)


Goh Wei Liang said...

To the above anonymous, thank you for your support. However, your choice of adjectives have failed to justify your "understanding" of my article.

In my article, the facts are clear and easy to justify. By removing the Presidential team, there are sure to be empty slots to fill.

That is simple logic. Again, his position as MCA President is less than a year old.

Right after he was elected as President, instead of having the support of the Deputy President and his supporters. OTK faced pressure within the party.

When it comes to election machinery, as BN Chief Coordinator, someone chose to blame OTK for the failures of MCA in the 8 by elections we had.

OTK in fact has done alot for the party, for the education sector as well as for the PKFZ.

The PKFZ was not a scandal under Ong Tee Keat but given that he is in the position as Minister of Transport, Ong Tee Keat must bear the responsibility to tell all.

With the unedited and complete audit by PwC, Ong Tee Keat showed the way.

My smiles back to you and I wish you had better understanding. Cheers.

justice4otk said...


The continued confusion (and convolution) between OTK's ministerial duties towards PKFZ and his role in the party doesn't get any clearer in your post.

Don't you see it ?????

PKFZ is under the purview of the Ministry of Transport whose Minister is Ong Tee Keat .
If Ong does not clean up this disastrous project which was under the previous mca ministers namely Ling and Chan , what do you think will happen to MCA as a party come the next general election ? Do you think MCA will still be here ?

If Tee Keat as the Minister and MCA party chief cleans up this disastrous project , confidence will be restored to the party and MCA will remain relevant , not irrelevant . If MCA were to survive and hopefully win back all those lost seats , Tee Keat has to walk his talk and practise transparency .

justice4otk said...


Thanks for the input , we'll have to do some snooping around for details , just like the one which we posted on Tee Siew Keong , CSL's ex political secretary .

Anonymous said...


I certainly do not dispute the logical explanation of the consequence of change - "removing the Presidential team, there are sure to be empty slots to fill" - but I suppose the implication of most of the article.

In particular, support for the president is not to be taken for granted. I dont mean to sound counter-intuitive at this point (after all, he was voted in albeit by only a small fraction of the party as a whole, thanks to archaic party laws) but winning the battle of an election does not assure you success in the war.

Why would anyone (Save the Mca guys or otherwise) want to remove him? Your theory suggests that it was because of his investigation into the PKFZ matter - hence many feared being caught with their pants down (*ahem) as they are allegedly entangled within the project. However, in my opinion, if that was true, they wouldn't have voted him in in the first place no? Lets not fool ourselves, feudalism and money politics particularly in the MCA is rampant. The elections are powered by this. If they indeed were fearful, they wouldn't have 'allowed' for his ascension.

My hypothesis is that he was elected in for a variety of reasons - fair amount of experience, relatively clean image and track record. What was surprising then, was his lack of leadership when it was needed the most. In his short, short time, he has done little for the party (no reference to his ministerial post, for now). Perhaps, his lack of support is not a witch hunt as much as it is a reflection of his ability (or lack of it) to rally the troops, focus on issues, generate cohesive and cooperative effort.

Instead, his time has been spent on the PKFZ. Which is fine and good. But also incidentally, is his job as Transport Minister. It should not be confused (Mr Justice4OTK, this is for you) with his role as the head of the party. Whether or not this investigation affects the MCA's survival in the next GE is debatable - more critically, the lack of leadership and effective operations are SURE to doom the party.

All I am suggesting, is that perhaps the perceived conspiracy against him is simply the voices of displeasure at his performance as an MCA Prez.

(For the rec, I have little to no support for this whole Save the MCA bit. It sadly seems that there is NOTHING that will save the MCA. Short of breaking away from the BN, rebranding to a multi-ethnic party championing real issues of the people at large - not just chinese - and maybe an overthrow of the warlords.... Nah. Nothing much will huh?:))