Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tan Sri KSN defends Nik Ali

Excerpts from The Malaysian Insider:

Mohd Sidek, who is also the Cabinet Secretary, said the Cabinet at its meeting today took a serious view on Lim’’s statement against Nik Ali particularly on the issue over illegal sand mining in Balik Pulau, demolition of the arches at the Penang Botanical Garden and the allegation that no seat was provided for the Penang Chief Minister during the launch of the Penang Hill Railway. “These three issues, for which Nik Ali was blamed by the Penang Chief Minister, were not under the jurisdiction of the officer as the State Development Officer,” Mohd Sidek said in his brief statement, here today.
Well said, Tan Sri KSN.

Government officers have a set of strict rules to adhere to. Except for the Ministerial team which include SETPOL, SUSK, SUS, SUA, and PTTK, the rest of the Government officers are not allowed in any way to be involved in politics.

This of course covers civil servants right from the top - KSU/KSP/KP - down to the support staff group.

Civil servants are frequently reminded to be non political and serve the Government of the day - be it at Federal or State level.

The officers and support staff have all been vetted for being non political and they get trained to stay focus on their work as a Malaysian Government officer without any personal interests or agenda.

Such is the system of the Government. Otherwise, you would have seen Guan Eng and Khalid Ibrahim asking Jobstreet right after the 2008 elections to advertise that all jobs in their State Government are up for grabs.

We didn't see that, right ?

Many times, people who are not familiar with the Government system communicates with the wrong Ministry/Department/Agency.

Then, more often than not, people tend to throw a blanket blame on civil servants when some grouses are not attended to or queries were returned with "I don't know".

Little does the majority know, even NGOs and the private sector make mistakes when inviting the wrong Ministries for functions.

So yes. Guan Eng should not blast the Nik Ali for this matter.

Nik Ali gets nothing out of this mess. Every civil servant knows that it is best to avoid being a chess piece be it for BN or PR. They know they are better off doing their job, grab their salary, and go out to to enjoy some nasi lemak with friends.

Perhaps, Tan Sri KSN should write a firm formal letter to the Penang State Government to end this once and for all.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting case. State vs Federal.

But DAP is supposed to be liberal, non- dictatorial, champions of freedom and all that crap.

Oh, that was history. Now "I am king".

Get the drift?


katdog said...

"Every civil servant knows that it is best to avoid being a chess piece be it for BN or PR. They know they are better off doing their job, grab their salary, and go out to to enjoy some nasi lemak with friends." -GWL

That may be true for an unambitious civil servant. But we all KNOW that for civil servants to rise through the ranks they need to 'layan' the 'right' people.

And most of the top civil servants are ambitious. So Nik Ali knows very well who he owes his position to. Not to the state or even the federal government. But to the UMNO warlords.

So let's not pretend to be naive about Nik Ali's actions of running down a state's Chief Minister. We all know where his loyalty lies and why he did what he did.

katdog said...

The problems with the SDO had already started long ago.

the SDO had threatened to withdraw funding for the Penang Botanical upgrading project back in 2009 if the state government did not approve the project quickly:

Then after that they made a whole mess of the project with the whole leaning arches fiasco.

What's worst, the leaning arches was never even in the plans that was submitted for approval to the state.

And the joke continued with MCA/Gerakan trying to blame the DAP state government for the fiasco by claiming that they should be responsible because they approved the plans.

What a bunch of jokers these incompetents from UMNO-BN.

Anonymous said...

woi ! Justice4OTK...why not justice for the Rakyat ??

OTK = Ong 'Takut' tarak guna punya orang !!

Moron 1 = Omar Goh Wei Liang
Moron 2 = Justice4OTK