Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Internship ?

Economics Student 2nd year looking for internship opportunites . Sigh . What kind of internship can I do ?

Thinking of asking INSAP whether I can join their institution for a month to see how they work things out . Read that CIMB and ECM Libra gives opportunites for internships too . But ECM Libra !?? Haha . Or should I say ECM Libra "Avenue " !?

Or maybe I should come back to ANU for summer ?

Sigh . Who employs economists ? At most I think they will just take a few in those securities firms . All I see is just Accounting .... Finance..... Marketing.....Actuary .... Stat....

Sigh sigh sigh . I have a contract with JPA which I will honour definitely . If it goes well , might stay there.... that is if I'm posted to MTEN , BNM or perhaps EPU ... till I find a suitable time to go into politics .

Stressful period seeing bifurcations , chaos , cycles , population growth model , Markov Chains and many many more theorems and conditions . Damn . One theorem has multiple conditions for that thing to hold .

It is like ... for a nasi goreng to taste nice ... you add salt , soy sauce , egg , seafood , and if you don't mind .... some MSG .

Sigh . Yes . I'm studying the many nasi goreng recipes in Mathematics .

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