Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Vagabond Vigilante

I don't get amazed or touched by movies , series or dramas .

But this series really touched me . Vagabond Vigilante . 40 series in total . I was sad and down seeing how this girl sacrificed herself , did not want to trouble anyone including her newly wed husband .

She was poisoned and everyone around her tried finding the proper cure for her which was almost impossible . She was a lovely and nice character . And she left in the end , left everyone , walked away alone as she did not want to trouble people around her . She wanted everyone to stay focus and move forward in their careers and life .

She died in the end . An angel . It was a very long story , of love , revenge , martial arts , conspiracies , poisons .

But the story wasn't about love , martial arts or revenge to me . These are probably the elements that made up the story .

The moral that touches me was how important time is and how important it is we cherish those we love .

I love my parents , my home , my dogs and tortoise , and my gf . I love my friendship with my many pals , my life .

And I'm sad I will be leaving back for Australia soon .

Time is important . Cherish your loved ones . Appreciate your time . Time is not money , guys , trust me . Time is love and memories .

The past hour was a memory already , the very fact that you hugged ur child or gave a call to your parents just now , was already a memory .

But what we have right now is time to use . Use it well , make sure we all have good memories . Good , beautiful , lovely .

I believe we say our prayers to our respective religions every day with sincerity . We ask for blessings , health , and good life .

Be honest and sincere when you say a prayer . Think of time , love and life .

Life is short . Too short that I'm afraid one day you and I will regret that we have not done this or that , we have not treat others nice , or we wanted more time to do things .

Don't regret . The time is in your hands . Use it well . My dear blog readers , go . Go pick up the phone to call ur parents , children or wife . Call your friends . Do it now .

If you are away from home , call ur parents ask them how are they . If you have a family already , call your spouse , or your kids . Ask them how was their day .

If you are at home , go talk to your loved ones . Doesn't matter if you are alone in this world . Call your beloved aunt , uncle , or your closest friends .

Go do it now . Spread the love . Love is contagious . Love , care , happiness , joy . All these are contagious . Shower it on one , it will spread to another , and this world will once again be merry , happy and joyful .

Close your eyes and imagine it . Isn't life beautiful ? It is .

Happy Chinese New Year , happy holidays to all .

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