Monday, February 12, 2007

Tragic Accident

Went to KL on Sunday . Have you read the papers ? Today's copy . 12th of February 2006 .

Sigh . Left home at around 5 plus ... almost 6am . Saw an ambulance , many Plus Ronda personnels and a few cars somewhere near Tapah .

At first I thought a lorry container crashed into the side . Cause that's what I saw . But as my car moved , I saw something tragic . Do you know those times when we stamp our feet on a can of 100 Plus or Coke ? And it gets flat right ?

That was what I saw !! A car flattened ... crushed..... sigh... and today's papers confirmed the death of that guy in the car . Body ripped into two .

That's sad . I think the car and the lorry were moving in opposite directions . And that lorry container smashed into the middle divider bars and towards the car , ended up crushing the car and crashing straight into the bushes .

Sigh .

I hope all of you drivers , be it cars or trucks or any vehicle , are careful especially in this festive season .

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Penarik Beca said...

What about the 'driver' of this nation?

Do you think he believes in safe driving?

kutu ni dont!