Tuesday, February 13, 2007


It has been a very long time . I can't remember when was the last time someone really left a comment in my blog with an identity or ID .

I just read my email and I'm surprised that the popular blog owner of http://penarikbeca.blogspot.com visited my blog and left a comment . Thank you , my friend .

Blogs keep us united , blogs promote friendship , harmony and knowledge . Thank you , Creator of Blog .

Thank you for your question about the 'driver' of this nation . Read through my blog , and all of you would know what I think of the driver of this nation . But probably I should comment a little bit since I have the time now .

What I dislike and do not understand was why wasn't the bridge in Johor built , be it the crooked or the straight one .

And many are questioning the power of KJ .

Tun was respectable in the sense that he barred his kids from entering politics . I do not know much about corruption in Tun's era . Maybe there was . Maybe it was all lies .

But I read many articles from RPK's site , Malaysia-Today . These articles expose the corrupt practices of the current upper echelons .

Even Tun himself critisized the misuse of funds in purchasing aircraft . RPK's RM 600million exposure during the UMNO general assembly .

The many comments from bloggers and public tell all . I need not say much about the current situation of our country . I need not comment more about the driver . I have commented way too much in my many previous articles in this blog .

My comments ? Might not even be relevant . I'm happy to see The Star being more liberal now . They allowed Tun's comments to be challenged in their opinions section . But a day after that , I saw a rebuttal in support of Tun's comments which he made during the War Crimes . A comment that he wished to see more Americans return in body bags .

For this , I salute The Star . You are respectable for not being biased . NST ? Haha . I decline to 'describe' this media company . They are , after all , TAK MALU with their plagiarism case . And now they are suing Jeff Ooi , Rocky Bru . Who is next ? Dr M ? Kickdefella ?! Well , we all must be careful when we comment on the untouchable .

NST = No SenTuh ? Perhaps .
[It's a combo language of English and Malay , for any foreign readers .]

Tun , you are and will always be , the greatest Prime Minister of Malaysia . Your flair , your courage , your leadership will always be remembered .

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Anon. Fm Miri said...

Dear Bro,

....Tun , you are and will always be , the greatest Prime Minister of Malaysia . Your flair , your courage , your leadership will always be remembered .....

Tat's true. Tun is a leader and DOL is a hero. Leader can lead the nation and always in control to what ever challenges tat come. Whereas hero lead the nation following the scripts.Whenever he comes across a pothole on the road, hero will see it as roadblock