Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Truth

Recently , Dr Mahathir was invited to give a talk by NGOs and portal . Interesting as usual , Dr Mahathir’s flair and style captured the heart of everyone when delivering his speech . A copy of his video can be downloaded at website . You should listen to his video speech . I guarantee you that you will understand why he is criticizing the government now .

Dr Mahathir is a man who will fight when the sovereignty of his state and country is being infringed . A true party veteran . Why are we criticizing Dr Mahathir that he is angry because the government is not continuing his pet projects ? Pet projects itself is a wrong term to use . What will Malaysia look like without North South Expressway , KL Tower , Twin Tower , KLIA , Monorail ? Without these , what will KL be ?

Malaysians are a bunch of weird people . When the present government do nothing at say they don’t have money , they say it is true , it is ok , the past administration used up all etc . In the past , if Dr Mahathir didn’t proceed with these mega projects , Malaysians will still complain . What will Malaysian say about Dr Mahathir ? Oh yes , they would have said :

he is not good , what has he done , he is merely sitting there , we have transportation problems and the government is useless , other countries have tourist attraction places and we don’t have , other countries have the ability and affordability to build high buildings , we look like a country with a kampung style administration and still having village days

These will be the comments . Don’t deny it . Remove all those pet projects , Malaysia will still look like the village with coconut trues , huts , shades etc .

Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz is too extreme . Read the papers and you will read a more gentleman side of the extremist ( Nazri ) . Read or , you will read the words . Be a jantan and quit Umno , Dr Mahathir . I was shocked to see these comments . When Dr Mahathir was fighting for the bumiputeras , when he was young and challenging the policies of Tunku Abdul Rahman with his own brilliant ideas , Nazri wasn’t even around yet . This is a clear example of a young politician who thinks a hell of himself . This is a clear example of a politician who disrespect a veteran who achieved and reached the highest post in Malaysia (PM) . What has Datuk Seri Nazri achieved compared to Dr Mahathir ?

We can be a pro government Minister . But do not be too obvious that you bark so damn loud , like a general without brains who just know how to shout and hold a rifle and keep firing everywhere without thinking much . When Datuk Seri Nazri wanted a Parliamentary Department , there was support for him initially in the government . I’m not sure about you , but I disagree totally . I was very worried . It seemed that the Parliament is going to be made an umbrella of Barisan Nasional Government . Where is the freedom of our lawmakers in Parliament then when you put a government department for Parliament ? It does not seem logical as the Parliament should go under no one and nothing except the Constitution of Malaysia and the Yang di-Pertuan Agong . Thankfully , there are parties who objected . Of course the Opposition parties objected , and I was happy to read that some ruling party members voiced their disagreement too .

Things like these are really raising eyebrows . What is happening ? What are they thinking about ? What is Datuk Seri Nazri trying to do ? The man he is challenging is Dr Mahathir , not some small part time politician . Dr Mahathir survived so many challenges during his tenure as PM , went through 22 years of leadership , fought for the Bumiputeras , fought for Malaysia’s glory and preserved racial harmony with peace and prosperity .

I call upon all Malaysians . Be judgemental . Look at the newspapers , continue reading them if you want . But it is true they are all out to demonize Dr Mahathir . It is true that Dr Mahathir made mistakes . But his mistakes we must understand too . Being a Prime Minister is never easy . At times as a leader , we must make decisions that distributes wealth , provide opportunities for many etc . Dr Mahathir fought to help Bumiputeras , fought to help keep the Chinese and Indians happy too with businesses here and there . And in these process and his tenure as PM , of course he did make mistakes of decision . Which leader does not make mistakes ? Do you think that Pak Lah didn’t make mistakes at all ? Do you think that Lee Kuan Yew is the perfect PM ? No one is a perfect leader .

The things you read in history books are all manipulated to make the leaders ( be it domestic or overseas ) look like heroes of the day . Read the newspapers now . Did they mention how much sacrifices Tun Dr Mahathir made ? No . We read about Ani Arope , Syed Ahmad etc . There will be more cases where the government of today will cunningly dig out and make Tun Dr Mahathir look like a fool , like a terrible leader etc .

Malaysians as usual will forget all his contributions , say Dr Mahathir is not a good leader , had so many bad judgements . Say what you want , but trust me . Dr Mahathir led Malaysia through a few recessions . Dr Mahathir led the ship through turbulent and peak times . Without him , I think we will be very backward .

Without him , I don’t think Ah Pek – Ah Pek in coffee shop can still enjoy their fruits of labor now , I don’t think the bumiputeras will be as strong and as rich now , I don’t think so . Be grateful . We live in peace and harmony , Dr Mahathir was our fatherly figure behind these . Do not let the current journalism style that digs out one or two of Dr M’s bad cases affect your respect for this great man .

Face the truth . Face the true judgement . Balance things up . Do not be influenced by the media .


cY said...

Most Malaysians, as usual, are ignorant about any current issues, or any issue at all... Ok, maybe I'm wrong, ppl do care about issues on the paper, like models knowing their "balls", or how important our local celebrities are that they should get half a page talkin about "balls" ^_^
We wouldn't want other ppl to think that we are "BALL-less", would't we?

Y bother to find the truth when u can listen to everything the goverment say since u elected those "leaders" in the 1st place... who wanna think that they made a mistake?

Unjustified spending of public funds(thousands of dollars on FLOWERS?), TAK APA... Malaysia Boleh
Corruption? Semua orang sudah tahu, TAK APA, Malaysia Boleh

So if stuff that directly affects ppl lives can be TAK APA, who give a damn bout a "retired old man whom the goverment keeps tellin to shut up, wrap himself in some craphole and get lost"?

FIght the PoWER, Bro

keropok lekor said...

Bro, I understand your sentiments to TDM. Yes he has contributed a lot to this nation. Yes Nazri may be immature sometimes. Yes the media may portray Mahathir unjustly. There is a lot to be explained to the people about the issues of the day. But there are certain informations that I feel should not be revealed to the public, just because the public wants to know it. Transparency has its limits. We should instead trust our current Government, for there is no sane person that will cancel the bridge project for no particular reason unless it is a reason of particular importance national security).

And like Musa Hitam said and what I believe, sometimes as leaders, we think that we are the only person who is right in this world. But the reality is that what is right might be interpreted differently by different people. Thus differences should be appreciated in light of the changing times. There must be a strong reason to do what the PM AAB did in cancelling the bridge project 3 days after the government reiterated their plans to build the bridge, and I believe that AAB must have weighed his decisions carefully before making that shocking decision, not just a mere 'sand-selling' theory whatsoever.

Anyone is entitled to have their own opinion. But the question comes, are we being angry enough not to vote for the present government?

Like you said, as long as there is no major uproar and political revolution happening, it shows that the current government is justificable in doing what they are doing(or doing a reasonable job). For example, the military regime of Myanmar, though being criticised extensively, they are not being toppled down their own people. This proves that the military regime is still relevant and justified in ruling Myanmar (as you told me before). But in the case of Timor Leste or even Thailand, the power of the masses do make a significant impact. The question is, is the bridge issue worth a revolution?

I don't think so. Have a nice day.

keropok lekor said...

And yeah, why care so much about just a mere issue of the bridge when there is so much other issues of greater importance like RMK9, bridging the poverty gap, fostering national integration, creating a stronger national identity. Nationalism should not be viewed narrowly from the viewpoint of "Tidak dijajah semula oleh mana-mana kuasa asing". Instead I feel that since the threat of political colonisation is very unlikely in today's world, we should rediscover nationalism in light of how to apply nationalism in light of the Malaysian identity. There is much to work on in terms of the nation's racial polarisation, national education, the promotion of the national language, and eradicating socio-economic desparity.

Stop debating about conspiracies and theories of "foreign invasion", "fighting the western hegemony" and other "Pertembungan Timur Barat". Its just a philosophy-theoretical thingy to create a false sense of nationalism which bears no concrete benefit for the nation. Instead of wasting time arguing about the best way to overdo Singapore, we might as well focus on the things that matters most for our own people.