Sunday, June 11, 2006

Respect for Tun Dr Mahathir

Dr Mahathir has done a lot throughout his life for Malaysia . When Dr Mahathir initiated the plan of Proton’s birth , the public laughed and belittled his vision . When he really did roll out the first group of Proton Saga , the world was amazed that a small unknown country could do such marvels in automobile . I believe when we Malaysians go abroad , we are proud to say we are Malaysians and capable of producing our own cars just like America and Japan .

If a father of a family has no say over his own family and home which he built and started , where is the justice and respect ? If Proton is the brainchild , blood and sweat of Dr Mahathir , why is he being advised and not him advising Proton on many accounts ? Proton does not belong to any Chairman or CEO . They weren’t even there when Dr Mahathir built the empire of Proton . The Tengku Mahaleel episode is already a controversy . Now comes along a one euro sale of MV Augusta .

I am a Malaysian who was taught in school since young that an advisor’s role is to advise and respect means polite behavior to someone . Looks like all transparency and respect has disappeared in the boundaries of Proton . Correct the issues now before it becomes cancerous .

Let Dr Mahathir have a say in Proton in his capacity as Advisor , a project which he pushed through with no serious backing and confidence from the public but succeeded ! Listen to a wise man who has led Malaysia through ups and downs into a more developed state ! A statesman who was so able to lead a whole nation is certainly wise and experienced no doubt . Proton should tap Dr Mahathir’s knowledge and work with him .


Anonymous said...

Proton shouldn't have been started. Read Herman Khan's comment way back in 60's. No country with population of less than 60 million should try to produce cars. Money could be spent to strengthen Agriculture (or even Tourism) and maintain our strength. A developed country should have free EDUCATION and free HEALTH SREVICES for its citizens. Malaysia cant even provide Education even for all Primary School Children. Only Idiots believe in Mahathir's ideas.

Anonymous said...

i dun know much about da proton problem, but i've always respected Dr Mahathir very much, he has done many brave things, i feel that no matter what he does has his reason, since small i've been tought in Malaysia, most of my books tells me of the achievement he has done for the country. today although he has step down from the Prime Minister stand, he still remains as the ex-prime minister, i really hope the adults see that truth and learn ta respect that, what rights have they to comment on his doings? what have they done at all?! other than bullshitin about what he did wrong and so on.