Saturday, June 10, 2006

A Letter of Support to Tun Dr Mahathir

It is interesting to hear Tun's comments again . I believe many of us miss Tun's ideas and comments since Tun retired . In viewing the issues of Proton , APs and the bridge , I think Tun , your comments are right . It is shocking to see MV Augusta being sold for just one Euro . The AP issue is also another controversy but I believe the limit was at the bridge issue .

To build a bridge in our own country is not permitted because Singapore did not agree ? Di manakah kedaulatan negara kami yang diperjuangkan oleh ramai pemimpin dahulu ? Sadly , though Tun you raised these issues , the replies given were not satisfactory . Not only the replies given were not the answers you wanted , Tun . It is not exactly clear to the public either , to a certain extent . Replies given were most of the time to say that Tun has retired and should not interfere in the new administration .

If a member of the public is to raise these issues , what will the authorities say ? Will they say that we are mere citizens and know nothing ? It is indeed shocking to see the amount of disrespect to Tun for what Tun had done for us all these years . Well , we hope to hear more constructive ideas , opinions and comments from Tun in the future . Probably Tun should take up the role of a columnist and express your views just like Tun Haniff and many others .

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