Monday, September 30, 2013

DAP CEC 2013: One Man To Rule Them All?

First of all, I would like to congratulate YB Dr Ong Kian Ming for a job well done as Returning Officer in the 2013 Central Executive Committee Elections. From the news in papers, I believe it was conducted transparently with no Excel errors this time. Well, it times like this, good to have an experienced "consultant" by your side, right?

Anyway, I found this tweet. Interesting, I must say:

DAP is for all Malaysians, says YB Nga Kor Ming. Now, how true is that? I googled and found the DAP CEC Candidates list here -

I have to agree with YB Nga Kor Ming when I looked at the racial composition of the candidates. Dia tak tipu kita:
  • 61% Malaysian Chinese
  • 10% Malaysian Malay
  • 29% Malaysian Indian/Singh 

The central delegates of DAP voted on 29 September 2013 in One World Hotel. Let's take a look at the racial composition of the DAP CEC 2013:
  • 80% Malaysian Chinese
  • 5% Malaysian Malay
  • 15% Malaysian Indian / Singh

Well obviously there are no Malaysian Sabah / Sarawak Bumiputeras in the list, or did my eyes play tricks on me?

I am even more surprised when I compared the 2012 December election results with the 2013 September results. Take a look at the red numbers.

  • Votes for YB Lim Kit Siang fell by 171. He was ranked 1st in 2012, fell to 2nd now.
  • Votes for YB Lim Guan Eng fell by 272. He was ranked 2nd in 2012, fell to 5th now.
  • Votes for YB Nga Kor Ming and Ngeh Koo Ham fell by 119 and 15 respectively. YB Nga was ranked 11th in 2012, now 19th. YB Ngeh was ranked 19th in 2012, now 20th.
  • Votes for M Kula increased by 104. He maintained his ranking in CEC at 15th place.

And to answer YB Nga Kor Ming's tweet, out of 7 Malaysian Malay candidates, only one made it to the top and surpassed you and your cousin YB Ngeh. One man to convince us all? Long way to go mate.

Anyone else has better analysis, eg State representations?


Anonymous said...

.. DAP can say whatever they want to say but anybody with half a brain knows that DAP = Chinese Party.

Malays and Indians are just daun kesum and daun kari saja. If the Malays and Indians in DAP think that they are important, they better check their brains. Similarly to PAS leaders and supporters who think that DAP is "friendly" to Islam.

The Chinese are really smart when they keep on highlighting that Zairil is a Malay. The silly ones are those who believe them! Luckily most of the Malays are not silly ;p

Anonymous said...

Please note that Zairil is a Chinese Muslim and not a Malay

A person can change his religion but cannot change his race

What if Zairil converts to be a Christian?

Is he a Chinese Christian or a Malay Christian?

Got my point?

tsyhll said...

Zairil is just a figurehead. Everybody knows that. He may have Malay name, but he look chinese to me. No offence.

Singapore's PAP at least done better by having 2 Malays in their CEC and one of them is a vice-chairman.

We haven't reach Singapore's level yet, but if DAP were to rule one day, Zairil will be swept under the carpet.

tebing tinggi said...

could someone having Malay name be considered Malay ,how easy to be Malay put up malay name and join DAP.