Friday, April 23, 2010

Vote for P Kamalanathan

Let me first list down the accusations made against P Kamalanathan (BN) chronologically.
  1. P Kamalanathan kissed Tan Sri Muhyiddin's hands so he kowtows to UMNO

  2. P Kamalanathan has a fake degree

  3. P Kamalanathan is a phantom voter in Sg Siput

These are all lies, to be honest.

He has always been fair with his words about the relationship of component parties in Barisan Nasional.

In fact, he dares to stand up and state his stand to UMNO leaders, MIC leaders as well as MCA leaders on various political issues.

If P Kamalanathan's hand-kissing act is regarded as kowtow-ing to UMNO, then what about

  • UMNO leaders in Chinese-style shirts,
  • their desire to learn Mandarin and Tamil to serve the people better,
  • or the writing of "unity" in Chinese at a recent Hua Zhong event ?

Does that mean kowtow-ing to the Chinese, Indians or MCA ?

It is purely culture and we respect the culture of other races. This is what we call 1Malaysia and P Kamalanathan has done just that.

God knows what Pakatan Rakyat supporters and leaders will say if P Kamalanathan wears a baju Melayu one day.

I don't know what sort of Middle Malaysia or Malaysian Malaysia which the Pakatan Rakyat fellows are preaching.

Strange Pakatan Rakyat bedfellows who cannot even understand the respect of cultures and how 1Malaysia attempts to blur the racial lines to assimilate and integrate races in Malaysia.

And yet, Pakatan Rakyat constantly ask us to vote them in to govern Malaysia.

As for the fake degree, P Kamalanathan won't go around claiming he has a degree if he doesn't have one. Hey, if he wants to lie, he might as well choose a top ranked university and lie, right or not ?

After all, the repercussions and adverse effects politically from lying about education qualification is clear cut.

To clear things up, P Kamalanathan published a scanned copy of his degree online as promised to counter such baseless allegations.

Read : Kamalanathan shows proof he's a Bachelor and Olympia confirms Kamalanathan's degree

For preposterous talks regarding P Kamalanathan as a phantom voter, I refer you to BDDC. His arguments are based on good researches carried out on this matter.

Put all things aside, this is a battle between Datuk Zaid Ibrahim and P Kamalanathan. A former Barisan Nasional man against the Barisan Nasional's MIC Information Chief.

If you ask me to describe P Kamalanathan, I will say the same thing I tell everyone. Humble, informative, visionary and a simple man whose smile captures the hearts of many.

Vote P Kamalanathan, for Hulu Selangor and the country !


Anonymous said...

P Kamalanathan (BN) akan menang di HS dengan undi yang terbesar ....
mudah2an doa' aku tercapai

mohd hisham said...

I totally agree with u my friend. PR is trying very hard to manipulate the local mindset with their lousy agendas.

mohd ali ismail said...

I agree with you but if i were to be a voter in a Malay dominant area i would still not vote for Kamalathan I will vote for PERKASA.

Fu Manchu said...

Not really related to this post. Or maybe it is, because the writer is angered by you not agreeing to the accusations against P Kamalanathan. It's something I wrote at MarGeeMar just now in the post titled "Bangsat yang bernama Omar Goh Wei Liang"

Now I detest gutter-level attacks by cowards who don't dare to use their names. I don't know whether my comment will be published there... doesn't matter, the copy's here. By the way, keep in mind that MANY appreciate your writings, fair-mindedness and the way you respond to these attacks... it takes a special kind of bravery.

Anak Mami | Anonymouse 12:16 PM
Mula-mula -- di mana dia bekerja? Eh, tanya bapak awak lah.. Kan bapak awak tu KULI dia!

Waaaah! MARAH betul Anak Mami, Anak BangsaT Malaysia, dengan Goh Wei Liang, ye! Ini memang sudah dipertontonkan kepada kami semua sejak beberapa minggu ni. Dalam PERBAHASAN di mana HUJAH digunakan, jelas bahawa Goh Wei Liang teramat sukar untuk disangkal. Dia jugak tidak boleh di bully -- bila buat komplot dua-tiga orang seklai serbu pun, DIA MENANG JUGAK! Gentleman lah, jangan sour grapes - dia punya hujah dan penyampaian lebih baik. Tapi tidak... jadi BUDAK KECIK Haha!

Bila maki hamun, mencarut macam ni, menunjukkan DESPERATE... Ini pulak bukti bahawa kamu KALAH!... Teruk pulak tu Hahaha!

Goh Wei Liang ada nampak desperate macam kamu ke? Tak ade? Sekarang nampak tak mengapa dia tu menunjukkan ciri-ciri orang yang menuju kejayaan; bakal seorang pemimpin. Manakala kamu pulak... sampai tua dan masuk kubur sebagai orang yang selalu kecewa, selalu menyalahkan orang lain... Sad and Bitter Old Men, with sour faces like Cuka:-)

Anonymous said...

RPK’s previous post about Kamalanathan’s degree authenticity sure has sparked many debates among the MT commentators.

Convinced that I am not just a blind follower, I did a 45 minutes research on Kamalanathan’s certificate. This is what I found:

First, please take a look at the conferral date on his certificate carefully (bottom right corner, just below the Edith Cowan Universitys' seal). It clearly states that the conferral date was on 23rd January, 2004.

So, what's wrong with it?

For starters, go to this link.

Put P.Kamalanathan/P.Panchanathan for the family name section, and then Bachelor for the Award Title. You can narrow the search by choosing let's say 2003 - 2005. Click search.

His name will appear shortly. It sure looks legitimate to anyone who sees it.


Take a look at the conferral date on the result page. It states that the conferral date was on 25th November 2003! The date on the certificate totally contradicts the date shown on the website! Why is this happening?

I won’t make any accusations on any party without any proof. Maybe it is just a mistake made by the university staff, or maybe...

But, it doesn’t hurt to see it once again, right?

By: Anak Kelantan

Goh Wei Liang said...

Anak Kelantan, the only possible explanation to that is the convocation was at a later date.

The convocation date usually coincides with the date stated on the scroll for legal admission and certification purposes.

I suspect the conferral date is the date when the system confirms he has graduated with a degree, yet to receive.

When I confirmed my attendance for my convocation recently, I too realized that my "Status" was "awarded" if I am not mistaken.

So, that explains all :)

Anonymous said...

Malaysian Malaysia means every Malaysian will referred themselves as a Malaysian rather than a Malay Malaysian, Chinese Malaysian, or Indian Malaysian. All you need to say when you're abroad is, I am a Malaysian. As for 1Malaysia, I don't see any value in it besides the heavy marketing strategy they used in every corner of Malaysia. PERKASA is preaching of wealth distribution and malay supremacy which is a big mistake. Wealth distribution is a communist act. There is no such thing as "race supremacy" in this world. If there is a more superior race, Malays will not qualify for it too if we measure it based on the achievement of every single races in the world. Nothing to be proud of. Choosing such strategy is a bad move, it will only embarrass themselves.

So, if you don't mind, please post some articles about PERKASA and what they did recently. You can also apply some economical concept in your argument since you've a master in economics. Don't pick your topic if you're a true Malaysian or your so-called 1Malaysia. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Goh Wei Liang, check this out!