Sunday, April 11, 2010

BN must name G Palanivel

  1. MIC's candidate will be known on April 15 while PKR will announce their candidate on April 13

  2. It is brilliant of the PM to stop matters from getting worse as UMNO and MIC leaders in Selangor battled for the right to be the candidate when the PM announced that the seat is reserved for MIC.

  3. The PM stopped short of endorsing MIC's choice of candidate for Hulu Selangor's by election.

  4. MIC has openly supported Datuk G Palanivel who is a familiar face in Hulu Selangor and 4 term MP of that constituency.

  5. Several bloggers have pushed for P Kamala Nathan, MIC's Information Chief, to be the candidate for MIC.

  6. I had once met up and shared ideas with him a few months ago personally and I have no objections to him being a Barisan Nasional candidate for any election at any seat.

  7. MIC is in need of leaders who can reach out and communicate with the people easily and he is indeed a suitable candidate some day to be the MIC President.

  8. But for this Hulu Selangor seat, I hope the Barisan Nasional leadership do not interfere with MIC's preferred choice in Datuk G Palanivel.

  9. Let the Party decide as I believe the Party has their own plans - succession plan and strategic transformation.

  10. Datuk G Palanivel is tailored to be the next MIC President. If the Hulu Selangor candidacy is given to someone else, MIC will be in a dilemma.

  11. They could face a problem of either a "just one term MP" (if the chosen one gives way to Datuk G Palanivel in the 13th GE) or they could have a "non MP President" for quite some time.

  12. This will definitely disrupt MIC's succession plans and open the flood gates for a Party crisis.

  13. You can't really expect a 4 term winner at Hulu Selangor to be a fresh face at another town and win comfortable, right ?

  14. Let Datuk G Palanivel have a chance again in Hulu Selangor, although he lost in the 12th General Election to the late Datuk Zainal Abidin Ahmad from PKR.

  15. The results, win or lose, will be able to help dictate Barisan Nasional's plans in Selangor in future as well as provide a clearer path for MIC leadership succession plan.

  16. BN must name G Palanivel on April 15.


Anonymous said...

you are sending the wrong message. non performers shd not be justified by politics anymore.

yat said...

u missing the point here. People doesn't really reject MIC, people just hate semi value (and off course his 'people' too, that includes's the end of semi value and his wise GWL, MIC yes, Palanivel no...

Anonymous said...

I believe that a person should be picked based upon their ability to serve the public, not because they are tailored-made for the presidency of a racist party, doesn't that sound like nespotism that you staunchly claims DAP is practising? Why the double standards in commenting?

FYI if you read some articles, Mat Taib stands a better chance of winning it for BN in Hulu Selangor. The people seem to like him more and he has shown to a certain degree that he could serve the people there well.

I hope whoever is chosen is capable and willing to serve the people instead of being chosen just to fill some minister post due to some power sharing agreement. It's disgusting.

Anonymous said... sungguh yob!apa2 pun tahniah sebab berani berkata yang tulus dari hati...hehehehe

Anonymous said...

good on you omar goh. everytime you endorse a candidate - they lost.

this guy palanivel is a born loser. BN will lose for sure.


trackers said...

1st time i don't agree with ur posting..
it's not about MIC succession plan.the most important thing is who the voters at Hulu Selangor more Najib said people 1st,he must hold d word he said.

the purpose of election is to select 'wakil rakyat' not 'bakal presiden parti'..i repeat again,'wakil rakyat'.. so the candidates should be the person who have the most support from grass the moment,people don't want samy velu and his successor..n d most important thing,d evidence show in GE12 that BN win all States's seat at hulu selangor but lost parliament seat..

zuhaidi said...

artikel ini hanya menunjukkan MIC hanya mementingkan parti sahaja berbanding kepentingan pengundi...

artikel ini juga menjadikan aku bertambah tak suka kepada datuk g.palanivel...

artikel ini menunjukkan MIC nak berlagak dan cuba nak tunjuk dia lah yang lebih berkuasa daripada PM...

artikel ini buat darah tinggi aku naik membuak-buak sampai nak pitam dah jadinya...marah sangat dah ni...

akhir kata....

artikel ini mesti dipadamkan serta merta...

Matthew Ngai said...

Zuhaidi, engkau tidak fahamkah apa dia kebebasan bersuara?

Jikalau artikel ini menyebabkan engkau naik bengang, janganlah baca. Mudah sahaja. Macam itu pun tidak faham? Tiada sesiapa pun yang menyuruh engkau baca dan kena penyakit tekanan darah tinggi.

Engkau ini pasti merupakan produk pendidikan UMNO. Bodoh sombong namanya.