Friday, February 15, 2008

State Seat in Perak : Bercham

Mom and I went to Bercham MCA service centre today. I parked the car aside and mom went up. She gave a sum to a new fund to assist one of the cancer patient staying nearby in Bercham. That lady needs all help they can get and her plight was advertise in The Star recently. All cheques can be posted to Bercham MCA under YB Gooi Seng Teik.

Now, I also told my mom to help me get a copy of the Barisan Nasional manifesto, or MCA manifesto or at least YB Gooi's manifesto. I know many of us say "Government always promise us this and that but never deliver" while some will say "The Government has fulfilled all its election promises in the manifesto". So I am curious and decided to get a copy or at least read it there at the centre.

The office clerk instead asked my mom what a manifesto is. Mom told her that is a book that tells us the aims, goals, promises in elections. That lady answered "Ooooh, no need, it is understood by everyone".

My mom was stunned. And she came back down to tell me. So was I !! What the hell do you mean by "it is understood by everyone" ?

I think the Bercham MCA staff meant that everyone expects and understand that the YB will deliver and will be constructing and repairing roads, cutting grass at community areas, giving donations to school. At least that is what I think.

So taaadaaa .... I will be going to some other MCA, UMNO and even DAP office over the next few days to check out what really they are promising this time. Don't take us lightly anymore. We are educated people. You don't just come out of your hideout every 4-5 years and go to the market and malls to shake people hands and expect all of us to vote for you.


Hah ! Now I know YB Gooi's service centre don't know what a manifesto is, and said it is understood by everyone (I myself don't understand what the clerk meant by that), and they dont have one !

Perhaps not yet ... but the reply was not satisfactory. Tomorrow, hehe, I hope I have the time to give a visit to another MCA office and also a DAP one. Let us see what their reply will be this time and I will keep you updated.

For now, the scoreboard of manifesto availability, Bercham state seat for BN-MCA is a great no-no !!

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