Friday, December 07, 2007

Dec 1st - Dec 6th

Dec 1st
Went down early morning with parents to Shah Alam to check out the Setia Alam property . The township development there was just great . It is still currently developing . After that , went to Mid Valley to meet Sue Ann after so long . Haha . She's still funny and lovely .

Dec 2nd
My good friend Chee Yeong and Jimmy crapped all the way with me to Ipoh via CY's Honda Accord . Reached home around 2pm . Went out for some Ipoh Hor Hee ... basically it is just koay teow with fish cakes , fish ball ... in soup . Then , went to Sri Maju HQ to pick up Yu Jin who came all the way from Sg Petani .

Cool . At night we went for seafood at Menglembu ... Restoran Wah Chai . It is one of the best in Ipoh .

Went for a movie at TGV Kinta City .... a totally ridiculous Hitman show . I heard Beowulf is even worse . After the late movie , we went to Oldtown Kopitiam Cafe .... had some nice refreshing drinks and went home after that .

Dec 3rd
Went to the Ipoh old town for the ever famous Hakka Mee . Then , we visited all the three caves in Ipoh . Perak Cave , Kek Lok Tong , Sam Poh Tong . Bought some pomelos from Mom's friend .
I had no idea Perak Cave had a hill to climb . I had a terrible time climbing it .... haha ... great exercise though .

Lunch was at the old town again . This time we had the famous Kai Si Hor Fun .... koay teow soup with chicken shreds . Ordered the famous satay and popiah too . After that , I can't remember what we did .

Haha . But dinner was taugeh ayam ! Ipoh's famous bean sprouts and chicken ..... the shop was closed sadly . Restaurant Lou Wong . We went the one opposite instead .... Restaurant Onn Kee . And it is the same because these two shop owners are brothers .... but due to rivalry and perhaps misunderstanding , the Onn Kee boss quit Lou Wong and set up the current shop .

After dinner , we went to Ipoh Jaya for pasar malam ... my 2nd time there in my whole life ! I normally go to the pasar malam at Stadium Perak . Dad drove us around Ipoh and we stopped by Lat's house . Yes I know where he lives . Haha .

Dec 4th and 5th
All of us woke up late but we still manage to get a place for Pork Noodles in Ipoh which cost RM5 a bowl . Haha . Ordered some sui gao ( dumplings ) also . Had a filling breakfast and it was all back to the highway !

Left for Bukit Tambun . Arrived there to get some seafood lunch at 12pm . But this shop was superbly weird . They didnt have "Lai liu har" , didn't have any soft shell crabs !!!

So it was a simple prawn - fish - sotong lunch ! Arrgh .

Arrived in Penang and visited Khoo Kongsi . It was very difficult to find it . In Penang it was basically eat , eat and eat . We ate about 5 meals a day at least . We visited Queensbay Mall , Gurney Plaza , Prangin Mall , Komtar , the Fort Cornwallis and .... hmm ... can't recall if there were any other places ....oh yes .... Gurney Drive .... the Esplanade ... etc . We even ate the famous cendol ... but hygiene wise ... I would rate it C+ because they sell it at back lanes though it is delicious .

Bought tau sar pneah home for mom and dad . And visited Kek Lok Si temple . While descending from the Pagoda at Kek Lok Si , clumsy Wei Liang aka me fell down the stairs . It was slippery and my butt just thumped down at least 6 steps . Could have been more if not for the Indian uncle in front of me . He helped stop me from falling more and carried me up . Haha . He was nice .... thankfully I was all right !

Headed off to SP after that . Arrived in SP and Yu Jin took us around town for a quick view . Went out dinner with his parents . Then it was off to cyber cafe to play DOTA . Haha ... how sad . We actually played once in Ipoh against unknown people there and we got scolded for being amateurs and some even called us noobs ! Well this shows how bad we are in computer games .

Dec 6th
Woke up really early and headed off to this shop selling Wan Than Mee . Apparently you have to take a number for your order . Arrgh ....

But it was worth waiting coz I think the noodles was nice . I even bought some pau from another stall and they were tasty too !

Yu Jin drove us to Alor Setar and we started lookin for someone's home . We found it after some difficulty . The signboard was misleading initially till we ask a Mak Cik . She told us the way and we found it . Anyone recognize this ?

Yep yep .... it is Rumah Kelahiran TDM ! We are not allowed to take pictures inside but I took a snapshot from the outside . Inside , we get to see the rooms , furniture , pictures , articles , certificates etc . There are two other buildings for exhibition of Tun's items , history etc . It was great to able to see it .

And then , we headed off to the Muzium Padi . Sigh . This is one terrible place to find . The signboards are either small , misleading , or not to be seen ! We had to ask for directions twice ... but upon entering the museum , I was fascinated by the piece of art at the viewing gallery . It was like entering planetarium . The walls are spherical . And the walls are not really walls ... it was all art . And the piece of art look so damn real !!! But it is really an art !

I wonder who the artist was . I am unhappy that there weren't any articles of notices or story of this marvellous piece of art .... not even anything on the artist !

Those of you who have not been there , please do go there to see this piece of art . There were lots of people there and my aunts even go there just to see it from as far as KL .

After that , we headed back to SP for lunch . And that was the end of our holz . Had to say "see you" to Yu Jin and his family and we went back to Ipoh . CY and Jimmy drove back from Ipoh to KL . So yeah .... it was a great holiday !


The picture above was taken at Khoo Kongsi . We were given circular stickers as entry passes . What was left can be seen below behind Yu Jin's shirt .... Jimmy did it on Yu Jin ..... and he walked all over Fort Cornwallis with that "pattern" . And the last picture was Jimmy with Sir Francis Light ....

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heya, sounds like a nice trip... too bad I can't join. make a road trip to terengganu pulakla, the heartland of Tanah Melayu :D i'll be there next week