Monday, April 28, 2008

Association of BN Reps Wives or Elected Reps Wives?

I am highly confused Barisan Nasional. Already we are seeing the support for BN dropping. So please, I do not want to see BN go down the drain in 2008. But the way you guys are acting, I believe this ship are getting more topedoes heading its way !!

I mean the Associations in various states are written as Association of State Assemblymen and Parliamentarian Wives. I don't see any BN name in there. So why then when BN lost those states did the wives of those who lost start acting like a sore loser and power hungry !?

Some are changing the name of these associations to a similar one but with BN written there. Haha. Next time when you form a club, an association or a party, just the word BN there. That makes things easier.

The Balkis RM 9.9 million should be returned to Balkis. Bakti should pour it out. And those Entrepreneur Federal allocation should be given to all states including those ruled by Pakatan government. The rakyat might not think that "Oh since Pakatan has no money and we are punished, we are sorry BN, you are winning again next term". That strategy doesn't work anymore. The rakyat might think "Damn it, you wanna play with fire? I might as well vote Pakatan to win the Federal and get all my money as usual again in the next election".

Well, the choice is yours BN. To woo voters, you impress them, you win their hearts and support. You use carrot. Not the stick. Don't punish the voters. But win them back. Show them why you are not at equal par with Pakatan. Show them that BN is the only party that can guarantee the nation development and success.

The rakyat supports BN. But due to various mistakes by BN, they lost. So if BN make the wrongs become rights, then, don't you think you have a better chance against Pakatan once again?

Do the right things.

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Pak Zawi said...

Everybody knows that Balkis was just a front for VVIP's wives to get donations from companies both private and public to finance their many overseas shopping spree without spending a single cent of their own money. To show that they are helping the needies they dole out token assistance to the needy. Soon everything will be laid bare to see how they spent their illgotten money. If they are really sincere in spending the money on charity, why should they transfer the money to Bakti which may spend the money another charities outside of Selangor?
One by one the skeletons are falling out from their cupboards. Let it be so that when the 13th GE comes, it will spell the death knell of one of the most corrupted government on earth.