Thursday, December 23, 2010

1 Malaysia logo banned

For a very long time, the Opposition hid behind veils. They accuse BN of putting pressure on the finances of the rakyat by increasing prices of necessities. Yet, they accuse the Government of having a high subsidy bill which depend heavily on Petronas funds.

In fact, some states have increased some Government rates and this was swept under the carpet away from the media's attention.

Now, we have this : Selangor bans 1M’sia logo on billboard ads

Excerpt from the article

The 1Malaysia logo is a political logo, said state Housing and Local Government Committee chairman Ronnie Liu, adding that this contravenes local by-laws.

Selangor is the first state to introduce the freedom of information bill. This created the impression that under Pakatan rule, the rakyat will enjoy greater freedom. But the most fundamental freedom which is freedom of expression has been stripped off from the rakyat as of now.

This is bad. What more to say when Selangor decides that this logo is a political statement

But this is not a political statement and totally acceptable.

Pakatan is full of nonsense.

I totally agree with Pakatan Rakyat. In the 13 GE, we should vote for change. But please, my fellow Malaysians, vote for CHANGE of Government in Kedah, Penang, Selangor and Kelantan. Selamatkan Malaysia dan undilah Barisan Nasional.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wikileaks on Anwar

The following piece is in today's Sydney Morning Herald papers. The online article is available here: Malaysian opposition leader Anwar's political sex trap. Anwar must be thanking his lucky stars that this article came after his Australia tour last month in Sydney and Canberra or he will have a tough time answering!

When can we start the Courtroom trial?

Don't worry. Nurul Izzah and Wan Azizah have a lot to answer too. They will join you in Court, brother!

Whatever it is, Nik Aziz won't know what Wikileaks is. Someone please brief him before the PR convention. Just in case he plans to declare Anwar as Khalifah or something. (big enough to get your attention, I hope)

Philip Dorling and Nick McKenzie December 12, 2010

MALAYSIAN opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy charges are the result of a ''set- up job'' which the politician ''walked into'', according to an assessment by Australia's peak intelligence agency. A leaked US state department cable reveals that Singaporean intelligence officials told their Australian counterparts that Dr Anwar engaged in the conduct for which he is accused, a claim he has steadfastly denied.

Australia's Office of National Intelligence also states the conduct was the result of entrapment by Dr Anwar's enemies.

The cable is one of several that deals with the highly explosive private views of senior Singaporean officials, including claims that:

>Malaysia is in a ''confused and dangerous'' state due to its incompetent politicians;

>Thailand's political elite are dogged by ''corruption'' and the country's crown prince is ''very erratic and easily subject to influence'';

>Japan and India were struggling to deal with China's influence due to their ''stupid'' behaviour;

> and some Asian leaders wanted the junta to retain power in Burma to ensure the country's stability.

The cable that deals with Dr Anwar's sodomy case, dated November 2008 and released exclusively to The Sun-Herald by WikiLeaks, states: ''The Australians said that Singapore's intelligences services and [Singaporean elder statesman] Lee Kuan Yew have told ONA in their exchanges that opposition leader Anwar 'did indeed commit the acts for which he is currently indicted'.''

The document states the Singaporeans told ONA they made this assessment on the basis of ''technical intelligence'', which is likely to relate to intercepted communications.

The ONA is also recorded as saying that Dr Anwar's political enemies engineered the circumstances from which the sodomy charges arose.

''ONA assessed, and their Singapore counterparts concurred, 'it was a set-up job and he probably knew that, but walked into it anyway','' the cable states.

Sodomy is illegal in Malaysia and carries a jail sentence of up to 20 years.

Dr Anwar, a former Malaysian deputy prime minister, was jailed in 1999 on charges of corruption and sodomy after a falling out with then prime minister Mahathir Mohamad.

He later had his sodomy conviction overturned and was freed from jail in 2004.

In 2008 he was charged again with sodomy. Dr Anwar has maintained the case against him is fabricated and trumped up by his political enemies who fear his political resurgence.

The case against Dr Anwar has drawn widespread international criticism and has included some bizarre twists. Earlier this year, a prosecutor in the sodomy trial was dropped after she was accused of having an affair with the star witness.

The witness, 25-year- old Mohamad Saiful Bukhari Azlan, worked as an aide in Dr Anwar's office. He has accused the 62-year-old of sodomising him in an apartment in Malaysia.

Earlier this month, Australian politician Nick Xenophon travelled to Malaysia to observe Dr Anwar's ongoing court proceedings, which were adjourned.

In December 2009, a month after ONA's brief assessment of Dr Anwar's case, the Malaysian criticised Kevin Rudd for not meeting him during his visit to Australia. He accused Mr Rudd of appeasing Malaysia's ''corrupt leaders'' by snubbing him.

''He [Mr Rudd] was too obsessed with interests of getting the two countries together [and therefore] appease Malaysia's corrupt leaders,'' Dr Anwar said at the time.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Anwar and his stories

It is always good to remind us what sort of person Pakatan Rakyat is putting forth as Prime Minister material if the Federal Opposition takes over the Federal Government.

Check out Minit 1:38. "Saya [baru] dapat mesej, telefon, sms, emel dari ribuan ... Afrika, Asia, Arab, India, Pakistan [yang] kagum dengan keputusan rakyat Kuala Terengganu."

Go on. Roll on the floor and laugh!

Today, fresh from Apanama2020 : Kg Buah Pala - Revisited

Well, good news is, nothing has changed either for PAS and DAP as described by Anwar (in the following video). Read : Pakatan to avoid Islamic state debate at convention

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Malaysia's transformation costs

For those who missed the news, read this: McKinsey paid RM36 mil to set up Pemandu

Back in the 90s days when the economy was booming, the stars on the stage were MTEN, EPU and several notable civil servants as well as corporate leaders.

PEMANDU's significance today to Najib is as much as MTEN and EPU was to Tun Dr Mahathir. When PM mentioned that the days where Govt knows best are over, naturally the private sector had to lead the way.

From what I heard and what I was told, PEMANDU consulted many top CEOs, senior Vice Presidents, Group Heads, and industry leaders from across the nation (not the GLCs lah, REAL CEOs).

No doubt, at the same time, there were several professional consultants involved during the Lab phase (these consultants don't exist till today if they are not good or if their recommendations produce crappy results lah).

So what were the actual fees paid to these consultants? Malaysiakini seem to know and they have unnamed sources that pointed out that PEMANDU's operating expenditure is as high as RM 66m.

Let's do some simple mathematics and with simple assumptions. Let's not waste time arguing or guessing if PEMANDU's opex is RM 10m, RM 40m, RM 66m or whatever. We assume that PEMANDU's opex is RM100m per annum, i.e. by 2020 they would have spent RM 1 bil.

If PEMANDU's figures are spot on and we will achieve RM 1.7 trillion GNI as opposed to the approximately RM 660 billion GNI at the moment, that's nearly 3 times the value.

Let's look at two simple cases (I don't have time to explore other cases today, busy!).

Expected Income = RM 1.7 trillion
Hypothetical costs = RM 1 bil
Cost per dollar of expected income (%) = 0.06%

Current Income = RM 660 billion
Hypothetical costs = RM 1 bil
Cost per dollar of current income (%) = 0.15%

If Tony Pua walks up to Anwar Ibrahim to tell him that he can triple Anwar's wealth by paying about 0.06% of his expected wealth or 0.15% of his current wealth, I believe Anwar will kiss him!

Of course, if we pay RM 1, we will get RM 1 results (Dr M: Anwar right person to bankrupt Selangor)